Magic Day @ The Arena – video highlights

You read all about it and you’ve seen the pictures. Now, feel a sample of the experience via the newly edited video highlights of last weekend’s smashing magic event! Check it out  now on YouTube, or click below to view the embedded clip *grin*

Once again… Many many thanks to EVERYONE who’s so graciously sent us constructive feedback, solid suggestions, kind words, love and support for a job well done. It sure wasn’t easy executing the event but I’m definitely encouraged by the awesome response we’ve gotten for Magic Day @ The Arena.

Don’t forget – Magic Boutique has a new promotion running for this month which you can read all about here. It’s open to everyone and anyone… no spending required AT ALL… plus there’s absolutely no strings attached 🙂

It’d be a shame to hesitate and miss this, so click on the link above to find out how YOU can win over S$1,000.00 worth of magic goodies from us this March! Spread the news around cos who knows, if your friends win, you may just get to split the groovy prizes with them!




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3 responses to “Magic Day @ The Arena – video highlights

  1. cardistry2007

    Magic day was great! Hopefully there will be more events similar like this in the future and with the same or even better itinerary. cant wait for that to happen..

  2. NewToMagic

    i hope i win the lucky draw. 😛 that would so help me increase my magic knowledge. ~crosses fingers~

  3. Mugger86

    i want to win! i want to win!! i want to win!!! 😀 anyway to increase the chances of winning?

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