Retail therapy

Oh man… I got my paycheck a couple of days ago but just this afternoon, I’ve spent a pretty meaty chunk of it already *guilty expression* On what exactly? Well. I’ll tell… no… show, you in a wee bit.

This morning saw me treating the entire magic team to thank them awesome folks for their part in making Magic Day @ The Arena a tremendous success. The whole gang of us enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at Fish & Co – great food, good company, jolly conversation… it was fantastic.

Our fab close-up magic guy, Matt, did an awesome impersonation of me swiftly grabbing the attention of a waiter and getting our check in a jiffy… the funny man swore that if it were any of the other guys, it’d take us 15 minutes at least before we caught the eye of the wait staff and another 10 mins just to get the bill. LOL! Whateverrrrrrr…

After lunch, J C & I had to zip off for a very important meeting. This is for an exciting mega project to happen later this year and they loved our presentation, which is truly AWESOME because what J C & I have in mind’s something very controversial, so of course, it’s never been done before *grin* For now, I’ll keep mum about this top secret project but stay tuned for more info 😉

Since we were in town and it was still an hour plus before J C’s photoshoot & interview for i-Weekly, we decided to pop by a nearby mall for a cuppa and well, kill time. Taking a walk around, we decided to step inside I Wanna Go Home, which was the winner of STB’s ‘Best New Retail Concept’ Award last year.

That’s when I fell in love.

There she was, standing there… coy, aloof, alone, in sleek silver-grey. What a gorgeous beauty. I felt my breath catch as I meekly allowed myself to be visually seduced, my feet finding themselves hypnotically drawn towards her. Her given name? Camelot.

She cost a cool four figures, but… but… but… I just had to have her!!! Gosh. This may sound a tad silly but I’ve seriously never wanted a piece of furniture so bad before. The attraction was crazy.

Perhaps its the incorrigible magic geek in me who was just totally infatuated, but this has got to be simply the most beautiful DVD/CD rack ever! J C, being the intelligent illusion designer that he is, provided a great suggestion of having a mirror over it, attached by hidden interior side hinges *grin* Sold!

So er, yeah… basically, I bought it since it’d be a great and totally unique addition for my bachelor girl pad. Yes. I’m going to keep telling myself that 😛

Anyways, after arranging for delivery to my apartment later this month prior to my overseas gig, it was a crazy rush for us to reach The Arena on time, where J C was scheduled for his photoshoot with the i-Weekly team. Yep, my onstage partner will be featured in an exclusive 2 page interview with the popular lifestyle  magazine, which will be out the next couple of weeks.

Click here for J C’s take on it …his blog has got some really cool pictures of the photoshoot too. Steve Chu, head shutterbug of Mediacorp Publishing, did a marvellous job IMHO 🙂 All the photos turned out great, so I guess it’s going to be tough for them to choose which to use. So stay tuned when that issue of i-Weekly comes out! *grin*

Ta for now, more later…



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6 responses to “Retail therapy

  1. BeMyAngels

    What a retail therapy that is. 😀 I thought it was going to be clothes or something similar. Haaa.. Turns out to be a furniture…

  2. NewToMagic

    does even your wardrobe/dvd/cd rack need to be gimmicked? haaa.. thats so cool man. a gimmicked furniture at home.

  3. Amaz-o

    maybe you should get a magical dvd rack or something similar? 😀 one that can make dvds and other stuff magically appear. OR a wardrobe that allows you to enter Narnia!!

  4. Amazzo

    maybe you should get a magical dvd rack or something similar? 😀 one that can make dvds and other stuff magically appear. OR a wardrobe that allows you to enter Narnia.

  5. Aaron

    that rack sure looks expensive.. but well, i’ve quite a couple of friends with furniture looking much more expensive than that! man, how i wish i could share some of the wealth.. 😦

  6. Jack

    is that a furniture shop that you went to? cos the sofa set and everything there looks soooo expensive. i wouldn’t even dare to enter that shop.. :p

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