Magic Day: Post-mortem

Tadah!!!! That’s yours truly and friends (muggles and magical wizard genies) at Magic Day @ The Arena *grin* Held in Clarke Quay from day till night last weekend, the event was a huge rockin’ success and was attended by HUNDREDS of people – both local and from overseas! I was honestly pleasantly surprised by the sweet response and attendence because it was seriously way more than we’d anticipated!

You may have already read J C’s take from his blog but now as promised… here’s my personal thoughts on Magic Boutique‘s inaugural event 🙂 But before I start rambling about what happened from day to night for Magic Day, I’d like to firstly take the time to thank the super-duper wonderful folks who made everything possible. So, from the bottom of my heart and in no particular order…

My ever-reliable teammates who helped me make this inaugural event a reality and success: J C, Matthew, Larry, Ashraf, Shaun, Adeline

My awesome friends who pitched in to help at the dealer booth area without a single whine or complaint: Bernard, Spanky, Nats, Jas, Kris, Pam

My fellow brothers and sisters from the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 115) who came and also specially set-up a registration booth for the club at the event – thank you for the fantastic support since Day 1!

The Arena management for completely trusting us with their venue and for also agreeing to release show tickets at a mere fraction of  the usual price, specially for Magic Boutique’s Magic Day.

My wonderful friends and ‘VIP’s who specially came down – Mr Yeoh, Steph, Belinda, Melissa, Darren, Daryl, Jaspas, Eldred, Welles, Ebo, Pete …and the rest… you know who you are 😉

The stunning stage/parlor performers who entertained the masses and left them wanting more – John, J C, Matthew, Larry, Adeline aka Kinetic Gal

And of course, EVERYONE WHO CAME AND MADE IT A ROARING SUCCESS!!!! 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

Right… so that’s me being me, a tad out-of-character… and it’s a bit odd since I’m in my Magic Babe outfit – specifically in the tight corset top and push-up bra which the BFF affectionately calls "The Boob Popper" 😛 It was a moment of chilling out with my friends because I’d been running around since morning, way before we opened the doors of the venue.

Though Magic Day @ The Arena officialy ran from 1:30 – 8:30pm, the magic team was already busy at the venue in Clarke Quay since morning. There was just so much to get ready – the display of the hundreds of Magic Boutique products at the front of the club in the make-shift dealers booth area, plus the performance set-up, sound-checks, workshop preps and everything else. Whoa!!!

If you were there from the start (for the special session) when we opened the main doors early, to the long queue of folks waiting outside patiently, you’d noticed that I wasn’t in costume yet. J C was all set but I was still casually dressed in comfy jeans and my fave DKNY leather jacket, because I didnn’t have the time *rueful grin* So it was during his master lecture which was attended by 50+ people, that I swiftly Magic-Babe-d up 😛

J C giving his master lecture on "Urban Classic Magic" which he did in UK, when we were there for the recent Southern England Magic Convention.

It was an hour plus of intensive magic discussions and teach-ins, with many asking good questions. Once J C cleared the stage, it was then time for some… Deadly, Sexy, Magic! I burst onto scene with my black-light opener, a unique visual display of vibrant colors and glow lights…

After my pumpin’ opener to funky music that started with me twirling my new set of glow pois, followed by a UV cut-and-restored rope classic reinvention, my  magic linkin’ coat hangers made their appearance next.

Everyone’s fave straightjacket striptease act was up next, and I gave the best I could despite my bad throat (damn bug!)…

The finale for my one gal show of course, was my Razor Blade Tongue Twister act which included some mean fire eating *wink*

There was a slew of people who came up to us afterwards, and I had fun exchanging view points and well… just talking really… with the folks who came. There was a group of girls who came up to me for photos and it gladdened me that they loved what I did & that they were very interested in magic themselves.

The participants had first piority to get first look at the magic goodies on display at the dealers booth area in the club, and the place was a buzz-ing! Everything was priced to go and it  was a steal really, with things going at 80%! While all that was happening, J C & I were still signing autographs and taking  photos with the participants of the ticketed event that had just ended.

3:30pm marked the time where we’d open the doors to the public and gosh, was there a CROWD at the dealers booth… it was quite insane and overwhelming, I was very pleasantly surprised because which this isn’t my first dealers booth event, it was certainly the one with the biggest response thus far 🙂

Yes, it was CRAZY and unfortunately there were some pilferages with people stealing things despite the fact that I had people at the booths. The hidden security cameras at The Arena actually caught several culprits in action, putting unpaid goods away in their  bags and pockets… amazing how clear and bright these  CCTVs are despite the seemingly dark environment. Geez.

I’ve been asked if I wish to take action but these guys while they aren’t kids, they are still young teenagers with a future ahead of them. So yeah, I’m a tad disappointed that they choose to use their misdirection and sleight of hand skills to such uses… but I hope they don’t do such things again because such trifle things just aren’t worth it in the bigger scheme of things *wry grin* Anyways!

If you thought the crowd above was quite mad, you obviously haven’t seen the queue snaking outside the venue… here’s the crowd of people waiting patiently in line! I stepped out for a moment and was quite stunned by the response. In fact, the staff from the club (Jes, who was helping us out at the reception) was giddy with delight at the reception of folks wanting to buy tickets for the show in the evenning.

So that’s me, stunned by the long never-ending snake of people waiting in line to get in later. I really couldn’t believe my eyes and if you think I’m being a drama queen, I’m not. There’s no exaggeration… really, just see for yourselves 😛

The free session of street magic workshops, as well as, stage & parlor magic performances were happening in a bit and it was just pure madness at the dealers booth with people swarming over the products (all originals of course) of magic books, DVDs and effects.

And outside, on the huge wall-sized LED screen…

And the crowd waiting inside for the 4pm session of parlor performances (hosted by J C & yours truly) performed by Matt (Concept:Magic’s resident close-up magic guy), Mr John Teo: President of IBM Ring 115 & Magic Boutique’s resident magic advisor/ magic reviewer & J C Sum (in replacement of Bob Chua who had to go overseas on some urgent business matters)…

It was a marvellous set of performances from the trio, and right after that, J C & I were flocked by folks again for more photos and autographs on the dance floor. I was really thrilled to see so many young people so interested and passionate about magic, especially girls… since magic as you know it, is such a male-dominated art 🙂

Our magic workshop on street magic for beginners started at 5pm sharp, with Matthew doing a brilliant job to the masses who attended it. The dashing sleight-of-hand expert shared several idiot-proof close-up magic/ street magic effects, which served as fantastic ice-breakers and can be done by anyone, anywhere.

At 6pm, Kinetic Gal & Larry the Escape Guy took the stage with their variety arts performances. Singapore’s only magic juggler & the Jackie Chan of Escapes proved themselves on stage. The audience simply loved them!!!

They all did fabulous really, the audience were entertained. J C & I took the stage after that and I gave all performers a bottle of wine on stage, in acknowwledgement and thanks. I later scooted over the the dealers booth to help out a little as people made their final purchases because we had to close up the venue and prepare a turn-over to set up for the evening show… Ultimate Magic @ The Arena!

Bernard & Shaun were busy doing magic demonstrators while Kris, Nats, Jas, Spanky & Pam minded the booths and cashiers counter. Apparently we ran out of float mid-way and our darling Kris had to run over to Liang Court to get small change!

As my friends helped me close up the booth & counter, it was then that I realised I hadn’t eaten anything at all the entire day because it’s been just so crazy! Gosh… thank goodness the girls had some munchies with them. Here’s me unwinding a little and cam-whoring with them *grin*

So at 7:30pm sharp, we started the show… and it was an AMAZING crowd of over 200+ who caught us in action. The entire club was filled from front to back & I enjoyed myself because it was such a spectacular audience. J C & I spent an hour afterwards signing autographs and taking pictures after the show, connecting with the wonderful people who’d came to support us local talents 🙂

I had an awesome time really, today’s been so memorable *grin* To be honest, I was feeling as flat as a pancake/ roti-prata at the end of it all… bu I was so totally on cloud 9! Once again, a big THANK YOU to everyone who had a role in this. I sincerely appreciate everything that you’ve done – YOU made the difference!



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7 responses to “Magic Day: Post-mortem

  1. NewToMagic

    I really loved the day. The big wizard person looks nice.

  2. ZY90

    The pictures really alot. Any more pictures of the event? In an album or something? Looks like a lot of people.

  3. Mugger86

    Who was the person under that mascot thing? Was it J C? 😀 It’s so big and huggable man.

  4. Jack

    woah.. i didn’t know the queue was so long! luckily i had a super enthu friend who bought the tickets for me.. haha.. i would have gone mad waiting. :p

  5. Aaron

    i really like the glow in the dark part. is it possible to make anything you want glow in the dark? if that’s possible that will be so cool! imagine someone walking around at night in glowing clothes. 😀

  6. Daniel

    hmmm.. i was kinda afraid that the wizard would knock over a lot of things.. haha.. the way he moves about wqs really interesting. kids are a bit scared of him though..

  7. Will

    haha.. i felt like patting the wizards head.. i wonder if the person inside can actually hear what we say. i said hi, but he/she didn’t notice. or maybe it was just too noisy.

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