The Day after Magic Day…

Gosh. It’s Sunday but it’s been such a crazy weekend, I honestly don’t really feel rested 😛 Magic Day @ The Arena was a BLAST! It was a major success and the turn-out was way beyond what any of us expected. Hundreds and hundreds of people came and it was simply AMAZING. I’ll be preparing a brand new events page for it on Magic Boutique in a bit, when I find the time to do it. There’s just SO MUCH about it that I’d like to say, and TONS of people I’d like to thanks so I’ll write all about it in the next couple of days once my head clears…

Today saw me desperately trying to do my laundry else I’d have nothing else to wear (something I took for granted when I was living with the folks *wry grin*) before heading out to meet my family for lunch. It was really great to enjoy a leisurely lunch with them, and I was so full from the scrumptious spread which ended with a sweet delish surprise of chilled, juicy mangoes for dessert. Yum yum! 🙂

Mom and Dad asked about tonight’s episode of MediaCorp Channel 8’s 翱翔万里伍星夜 aka FIVE STARS CARNIVAL – but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for them *grin* Tune in at 9pm to check out what J C & I have in stored… we’re specially featured in all episodes and  there’s 5 in total. If you missed last week’s TV debut, click here to watch it on Youtube!

There seems to be a general buzz that our TV appearance on the series is just way too short; with everyone telling me that they wanted more of us & they were watching on, eagerly anticipating more of our magic & illusions. LOL. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence 😉 Please let the television producers of MediaCorp know how you feel! 😉

Speaking about MediaCorp, as you know… J C & I were on 938LIVE last week and we did some magic for the radio station. It’s been uploaded on their official blog here, but you can also check it out on YouTube. Do check itout and let us know what you think… here’s the embedded video:


Anyways, it was raining in the afternoon when I had to drive to town to The Fullerton Hotel where my childhood friend Melissa & her long-time boyfriend Darren were going to exchange their vows. A couple of old MGS gals were there as well, and it was nice meeting them again since it’s been ages since we last made contact. It’s still a tad surreal to me that it’s been a decade since we graduated.

Mel & Darren looked so stunning and it was really one of the most beautiful solemnizations I’ve ever attended – it was simple and sweet and very, very, very beautiful 🙂 I felt a swell of pride and happiness as I witnessed this important event. Though the bride was every bit the gorgeous woman in her white gown, I still saw Mel as my darling gentle friend in the MGS uniform.

Very often I’d go over to her house at Sixth Avenue after school and sometimes stayed for dinner. Her sisters Jan & Tash are all grown up & it’s a tad strange seeing them as young women because they’d always been kids to me. LOL. Mel’s folks didn’t seem to age at all – in fact, they look exactly how they did 10 years ago. Her grandma "popo" was there as well, and she was grinning from ear-to-ear the entire time!

I’d only met Darren the night before when the couple came by for my show in the evening with a bunch of friends who flew in from Australia. The newly weds would be going back to Australia and I am sure I will very much miss my friend but what matters most of course, is that she’s happy & she is with her soulmate – the one and only person who completes her in ways no one else can.

Dinner at the grand ballroom was wonderful – I was seated with friends from MGS (a bevvy of beautiful babes… Vanessa, Jun Jun, Clara and Melanie) and Mrs Thomas was there too! She was our form teacher in upper secondary & she actually taught my mom when she was in MGS. Yes… all the girls in my family studied in Methodist Girls School *grin* My teacher looked exactly the same; from her hair to her clothes – she only wore sarees!

What touched me was when she sincerely asked me if I was happy doing what I was doing, because people have been talking and word has been buzzing around about what I do, so when I firmly told her "Yes, absolutely." Mrs Thomas grinned and squeezed my arm in her motherly fashion and said "That is good. That is all that matters." Sigh. I suddenly felt like a Secondary 4 student once again *sheepish* 🙂 I so love the woman.

Alrighty… that’s it for now, I’ll blog all about Magic Day @ The Arena in a bit. But meanwhile, you can see J C’s comprehensive blog entry about it here. It’s a meaty 4-parter so you can obviously tell that my onstage partner has stayed home the entire Sunday *wry grin* He’s summed (no pun intended) it up very nicely, so do check out what J C’s already blogged. You can check out my take on it in the next couple of days… but for now, it’s… goodnight… Zzzzz!



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3 responses to “The Day after Magic Day…

  1. Aaron

    haha.. i wouldn’t want to make money float.. i would want to make myself float! i always dreamt of being able to defy gravity.. haha.. just a childhood dream..

  2. Jack

    hey, magic day was really awesome! i like the humor added to the various parts of the show. i really love you guys!

  3. Will

    wow, you sure have many friends getting married! either that or you really know a lot of people.. when’s your turn?

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