Magic Day @ The Arena

Good morning!

In a few short hours I’ll be busy setting up for today’s very special event… Magic Day @ The Arena, so I thought I’d just make a quick blog entry before leaving my apartment as I won’t be able to access the internet for the larger part of the day 🙂

Do check out the link above for full details… as you know, this inaugural event has been promoted on 938LIVE, ST LIFE!, Lianhe ZaoBao, Zaobao Comma, Teens, IS Magazine, & numerous internet forums online, so we expect a very healthy turnout. See J C’s blog here for his thoughts on it…

It’s always been my dream to do something like this… so it’s awesome that it’s going to become a reality. What truly delights me is the fact that folks from overseas are also coming down specially for Magic Day @ The Arena! Thanks so much for making the trip down, y’all 🙂

The International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 will also be having an official registration booth at the event, so if you’d like to join this prestigious club (which I’m also a member of) now’s the chance. Swing by their booth and speak with the friendly committee members for full details.

John Teo, President of IBM Ring 115 & resident Magic Boutique adviser & magic reviewer, will be performing… as well as a whole slew of professional entertainers like Kinetic Gal, Larry the Escape Guy, Matthew Lee,  J C Sum and yours truly… ‘Magic Babe’ Ning!

Besides free stage & parlor magic performances, as well as, contemporary magic workshops (snazzy street magic – not old fuddy duddy cliche during-your-grandfathers-time kind of pocket tricks *wry grin*), we’re retailing HUNDREDS of original magic goodies for cheap. These magic effects, books and DVDs will be sold at a mere fraction of their actual retail price – waaaaay lower than even dealers price. So yes, trust me, they are all priced to sell.

So do come early or you’d be disappointed because it’s really on a first-come-first-serve basis. What you see is what you get, everything there’s for grabs, as it is… and remember… cash terms only. There’s DBS, OCBC & UOB ATMS at Liang Court (just across the road) so you may want  to stop by before coming over to check out the magic goodies.

Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, our STB-endorsed permanent illusion show, has reached its 2nd season and as you know, is priced at S$55/pax. Just for today, because of this special event, show tickets to our non-stop 1hour illusion show are priced at a real steal at just S$20! 🙂

The other ticketed part of the day is in the earlier bit where J C does his master lecture & I perform my one-gal show ‘Deadly Sexy Magic’ which is basically what the 2 of us were booked for in the UK recently for the Southern England Magic Convention.

Once again, for FULL DETAILS, please click here. My team, my friends and I sincerely look forward to personally meeting you at Magic Day @ The Arena… see you then!!!



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2 responses to “Magic Day @ The Arena

  1. Your performance was read cool, fabulous and sexxyyyyy!

  2. Lee

    Impressive showmanship and stage set up.Especially the grand Finale.
    Keep it Up !

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