Hey Magic DJ!

This morning saw J C & I on MediaCorp Radio’s 938LIVE. The 2 of us were specially invited for a one-hour slot on The Living Room, which is Singapore’s longest running ‘live’ radio talk show.

Our on-air slot was from 11am to 12nn, but since we were in early, I got to be the weather girl… if you tuned in, you’d heard it right before our actual segment *LOL* It was completely on a whim, and since unpredictable Pam asked if I was up for the challenge… so, naturally, I took her up to it!

But of course it isn’t as easy just talking though that’s what most people think radio DJs do. That’s Pam patiently guiding me below, on how the computerized system worked. I only had mere minutes to learn what I had to handle at the DJ console!

The precious last few seconds to go before I went on-air… I had to remind myself that just like any performance, this had to be perfect – no screw-ups or hiccups whatsoever, and more so it’s important because people would only hear your voice on the radio… Emote! Emote! Emote!

A quick gesture from Pam, I had to swiftly hit the ‘on-air’ button and I was speaking ‘live’ from the DJ console. I actually had fun reading the weather report, managing to even sneak a cheeky intro of "If you’d really like to know the weather, just look outside the window" before dishing out the actual info 😛 Hurhurhurhurhur…

It’s amazing how many buttons and knobs there are at the DJ console really. Pam went solo today because her partner Stan was outstationed & I really respect the woman – she was like a busy octopus (well, a really pretty and very capable one) with so many things to do throughout!

It was a sweet oppurtunity, being in the hot seat, on the DJ side of the audio console… but anyways, that’s me above returning back to the safe side of the table… next to a very amused J C who unfortunately was battling a nasty cough and sore throat. 

The 3 of us had an awesome casual chat throughout the one-hour & there was also a generous giveaway, which had many callers ringing up quickly. Believe me, the 6 pairs of tickets to Ultimate Magic @ The Arena (worth S$55 each) disappeared quicker than you can holler ‘TELEPORT’!

Besides talking about what we’ve been up to, J C & I also did some radio magic which was specially designed in such a way that anyone tuning in could simply participate *grin* If you missed our interview this morning, you can tune into the repeat telecast tonight at 11.10pm on 938LIVE, or alternatively, at 2.30am on Channel News Asia!

We actually performed a special street magic effect for the video camera, which will be put up on The Living Room’s official blog here in a short time. Do check it out then… the unbelievable visual magic had Pam, our lovely radio DJ host, wide-eyed in wonder 😉 oh yes…

As mentioned over the radio airwaves earlier today, Magic Day @ The Arena is going to be a BLAST! This inaugural event is not to be missed, click on the link above for full details on what’s to happen tomorrow *grin* With free magic workshops, slick performances by professionals and veterans, original magic products from all over the world at CRAZY prices… you’d be sorry if you missed this very special event *wink*

So please do spread the word… I look forward to meeting you personally, don’t be a stranger! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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