Thu: 938LIVE radio interview tomorrow!

I’ve been really swamped as the whole team is busy preparing for Magic Boutique’s Magic Day @ The Arena. But I’m wise enough too recognise that I’m really blessed with fantastic & reliable team-mates who I can very sincerely call trustworthy friends 🙂 They’re so completely into it; no lame slacking around or stupid excuses… gosh, I really truly love them to bits.

Honestly, I’m so excited and looking forward to the special magic event this Saturday. Do check out the link above for the full details – there’s free workshops, performances, and the works… plus the fact of the matter is this… I am almost going nuts, tagging the HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of magic goodies for sale at this inaugural event.

The prices are MAD, I assure you. CRAZY. INSANE. NONSENSICAL.Absolutely 🙂 Everything is priced to go and it’s a steal because trust me, these magic products (all originals) are tagged even lower than dealers price. Yes. It’s THAT cheap – Believe it when you see it.

So do come early to avoid disappointment, and please note that it’s cash terms only, as mentioned in our website. Rub shoulders with a whole bunch of passionate magicians, and my awesomely cool friends, and well… me! 😛 Don’t be shy… I don’t bite. Okay, maybe sometimes, but only when I’m feeling frisky. *chomp*


J C & I will be on MediaCorp Radio’s 938LIVE tomorrow morning, so do tune in! We’ll be in ‘The Livingroom’ from 11am to 12noon and during the one hour exclusive radio interview, we’ll be doing some radio magic so do participate in that… plus tune in to find out how you can win tickets to catch us in action! There’s 6 pairs of tickets (worth S$55 each) to Ultimate Magic @ The Arena to be given away!

This TGIF’s going to be so fun… *grin*


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