Stuff that makes you stop and ponder…

I came across this beautiful piece of work, which I felt was simply clever and impactful. Someone wise told me before that with everything, it starts with just one person. And it’s so true. Do watch the video above and spread the message… change can happen, if you do your part 🙂

Oh yeah.

I also received a call from the ex today who’s about to do something drastic 🙂 Good drastic, the kind that everyone around me (the commitment phobe) seems to be doing these days. LOL. It’s been years since we split but we’re still friends and I’m really happy and excited for him. Its about time the man settled down especially since he really wants kids. Recently I’ve been invited to a slew of weddings, and to those of you who keep asking that annoying "when’s my turn" question on my blog, I am so totally ignoring you.

Marriage isn’t for everyone & I certainly am not one of those who believes in doing what the majority of the population does. There’s a time for everything and come on… I’m only 26, and there’s SO much that I still want to do in life. Look, I think it’s fabulous if you believe in early marriage and having oodles of offspring, but please for heavensakes don’t push your belief system on me. I’d be so completely intoxicated by the exuberance of your verbosity. I can financially support myself and my family, I fiercely love my independence and personal time, and I don’t need to ‘rely’ on a man… this is 2009 for goodnessakes. Hello?!

And the question about me and J C being a couple? Oh, please. That’s so super stale, I seriously balk everytime someone askes that after watching us do our professional show. I know we’ve got great onstage chemistry but like the guy said in a recent interview… "If there was anything, it’d have happened a long time ago." So now, please, get on with your lives! 😛


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