Magic in March 09 Magazines…

That’s the latest copies of TEENS & FHM now out in stores. The March issue of TEENS features both J C & I in a regular magic column so do check that out. FHM readers wrote in about how much they loved their recent Valentines Day special, and my picture is featured in the March issue as well. Woohoo… thanks for the love & support, y’all! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ve been very very very busy today, sorting out the logistics and what-have-yous for my upcoming event Magic Day @ The Arena, which happens this Saturday in Clarke Quay. Presented by Magic Boutique, this inaugural event takes place this 28 Feb from day till night – and it’s definitely not something you’d wanna miss. Trust me!!!

Do spread the word! For full details on the one-day event, please click HERE.

There’s a bit of a change with regards to the parlor magic performers. As Bob Chua (aka Uncle Bob) will be overseas, J C will take his place instead. We’ve made changes accordingly on our website already, but I’m blogging about it here, just so you know.

Sales foor the ticketed portions for this other-wise FREE to the public event is selling swiftly, so do make your purchases soon to avoid disappointment. Click here to book your place now, as seats for this special portion of Magic Day are limited.

Alrighty, I’ve got to get going now and ‘Magic Babe’ up for my nightly gig… Ultimate Magic @ The Arena! I look forward to seeing you this weekend… don’t be a stranger!!!!



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5 responses to “Magic in March 09 Magazines…

  1. Aaron

    ooh wow, that’s many magazines to appear in.. but then again, you were always big news.. haha.. i guess two isn’t enough right?

  2. Jack

    i’ll bring my fhm along.. do autograph it for me! i’ll keep it for many years to come.. 😀

  3. cardistry2007

    aww… I was actually looking forward to seeing Mr Bob Chua perform. :S too bad he is overseas then. maybe can get to see him perform some other day 😀

  4. ZY90

    free stuff!! which true Singaporean will not come? ha… think will come at 3pm for the free stuff when it starts. looking forward to the parlour shows and beginner lessons. 🙂

  5. Amaz-o

    I just saw the 5 star carnival segment. that was great! will go down this Sat and watch your show cause its Discounted! haa.. Will bring my GF along too. 😀

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