Mellie’s Hen Nite Party

To celebrate Melissa’s hen night, the bunch of us babes partied hard from late last night till early this morning. The girls caught the on-going Aussie male strip show in town (MEOW!!!) and I met up with them after work, when the mob of us headed for drinks in Clarke Quay.

Mel really loves R&B so she danced the night away in her pretty tiara, and we ordered 4 bottles of sweet bubbly champagne and rounds of tequila shots and ohhh, I can’t remember what else!!! Here’s some pictures I took on my camera, with the rest on Facebook.

Sa, yours truly and Mellie… an MGS mini class reunion of sorts *grin*

I haven’t met Jun Jun in ages, so it was really nice to catch up again…

Happy trio with lots of booze… kudos to Sa for organising things 🙂

We had 4 rounds of bubbly & another round of tequila shots… woot!

Cheers!!! We had to look each other in the eye, you know why *wink*

The entire tray was full to begin with… deadly, deadly, shots…

Mel’s wedding is on the first of next month, and I’m really very excited for my friend. We used to write letters and notes to each other in secondary school and were very, very close friends. I was almost always at Mel’s house in Sixth Avenue and our mothers still remember us fondly, to this day. I almost hooked up with her sister Janessa when I was in London, earlier this month.

So yes, I’m very happy that her big day is coming up because I’ve always known Mel to be so the marrying type. And definitely the mom type. LOL…

Okie dokie, this is it for now. I’ve got to get ready and tidy my apartment before my family comes over *grin* Oh yes, don’t forget what’s happening tomorrow – J C & I will be making a special appearance twice in the afternoon at Suntec convention hall 601, for SA Tour’s 30th anniversary celebrations. Also, the both of us will be featured on Mediacorp Channel 8’s 翱翔万里伍星夜 aka FIVE STARS CARNIVALat 9pm. It debuts tomorrow and will be aired for the next 5 Sundays, so don’t miss it 😉

Ta for now, more later…



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5 responses to “Mellie’s Hen Nite Party

  1. ZY90

    haa… fun night. 🙂 i really wonder how your own wedding will be like? will it have a magical appearances of the groom and bride and the magical appearances of the wedding rings?

  2. Mugger86

    Channel 8 tonight! Woohoo. 😀 5 Star Carnival. Is the magic at the start or the ending of the show?

  3. Whodunnit

    How come didn’t go to the Arena to chill? 😛 You could have done for them your own mini private show for your friends for the Hen Party.. Haaa.

  4. BeMyAngels

    5 Star Carnival! I only watched the first 10mins of the show and turned it off. 😛 hehe watched only your segment. How come its only around 5mins?

  5. Mugger86

    I wonder what kind of events or activities there are on Hen’s night? Haa…. Something really really interesting? 😉

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