Okay, so it’s out on Facebook… and so before anyone can use this against me, I’m personally putting this out right in the open so you can forget about trying to blackmail me 😉 Yes, deal with it… yours truly was a really late bloomer who used to be pretty CHUBBY!!!

We all definitely look a lot hotter now, for sure! LOL… I had a good laugh a few moments ago when this god-awful old photograph surfaced. Wuahahahahahahahahahaha… Some of us gals will be meeting up early next month at Mel’s wedding at One Fullerton, so I look forward to that 🙂

Thanks for tagging me Carina, all those memories (10 years worth!) we had in MGS is certainly coming back *grin* I remember getting in trouble all the time because lao shi always caught me cheating during ting xie (chinese spelling test)!!!



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8 responses to “Self-sabotage

  1. BeMyAngels

    That’s so cute!! 1998 thats like 11 years ago man. That picture looks so old. Reminds me of my own primary school time with my school having frequent power outages for some reason and watching the old educational videos that were made in Singapore. I think it was PBS? Forgot the name. I miss watching those old school educational videos with the puppets.

  2. TimeThief

    Man. Time flies when you are having fun. It felt like only yesterday when I was in school, in NS and now I’m working.

  3. ZY90

    haa… if I were you, I would have tried to get it off the internet, I wouldn’t dare show people how I look when I was in primary school. its embarrassing when I was small :$

  4. Jack

    my god, cheating during spelling? tsk tsk tsk.. i thought only guys like me do that.. :p i didn’t know it happens in girls’ school too! haha..

  5. Will

    that’s you on the 2nd row, first on the right? man, that’s really quite a lot of difference.. i couldn’t have guessed. i had to zoom in to see the names.. haha..

  6. Aaron

    ermm, so you’re in both photos? i don’t think i can recognize you from any of the photos.. anyway, it’s said that girls mature the most about 18 ma.. the photos were taken way before that..

  7. Hey Huining!
    Grace (Gan) here. Not sure if you remember, but we used to carpool together with lyanne and lynette.
    Just thought I’d drop a msg to say hi because I was just googling “wedding + MGS” and got directed to your website. What a pleasant surprise. I almost couldn’t recognise you!

  8. ning

    Hey Grace! Yes I remember… we car-pooled years back when I lived in Fudu Park & you and your little sis were living at the condo not too far away 🙂 We should catch up, gal! Do you have facebook?

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