Why Febuary is an exciting month for MAGIC…

To put it veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery simply…

1. Magic Day @ The Arena – 28 Feb 09 (1:30 – 8:30pm)

Magic Boutique‘s inaugural magic event which sees a resurrection of Concept:Magic‘s yearly micro magic convention. A fun-filled, intensive magic affair from day till night… don’t miss it 🙂 Tickets are selling fast for the ticketed segments (registration required) and it’s super cool that magicians, as well as, magic enthusiasts from overseas are specially making a trip to Singapore just to attend this!

I’m very excited because we’ve got several of our country’s best magicians performing & coaching, plus get this… the International Brotherhood of Magicians will also be having their very own booth at our event. They don’t usually do this so yes, it’s a fantastic privilege because folks interested in being a member of the magic ring can simply apply on the spot!

Of course, besides rubbing shoulders with other passionate magic folks, you also get to make purchases of magic goodies galore from us nice people from Magic Boutique at totally CRAZY prices. As you know, we’re know for our 100% commitment to our anti-piracy stand – you only get original, quality products from us. Oh yes, please remember… cash terms only , thanks!

2. 翱翔万里伍星夜 on Mediacorp Channel 8 – every Sunday 9pm, starting 22 Feb 09!

…Also known as Five Stars Carnival, this 5 episode series on Channel 8’s prime time slot is hosted by Guo Liang & Michelle Chong. It also features both J C & yours truly doing our brand of ‘urban illusions in the city’ in each and every episode. Don’t miss it *grin* We did the taping for the entire stretch back-to-back, but we also had several costume changes *wink* I had my silver bare-back top, as well as, what my BFF affectionately calls "the boob-popper". LOL!

For more about it, feel free to browse through my previous blog entries for photos and thoughts, and for J C’s take on it, check out my onstage partner’s regularly updated blog @ Backstage Business.

3. 938LIVE Radio magic interview – 27 Feb 09

This is going to be simply AWESOME.

J C & I have been invited yet again on the popular radio station’s morning talk show so do tune in! Besides talking about what we’ve been up to, and what’s to come, we’ll also be performing magic on air… now this is going to be really interesting because as you know it, magic’s a visual art so this will be a challenge for us.

Not only are we going to perform magic for the Livingroom DJs, the two of us will create a special blend of interactive radio magic for 938LIVE’s listeners tuning in.

4. FHM + Teens + Art Jam – Feb 09 issue

Check out these magazine features if you haven’t already. These 3 mags are currently available islandwide in sunny Singapore. Here’s a bit of a teaser…

Oh yes… A very big THANK YOU to everyone who’s sent us emails and messages, and even gifts to our magic studio! *grin* We really, really appreciate it. J C & I try to reply everything personally but do understand that it may take awhile due to our crazy work schedules, but we eventually get around to it 😉 Just thought I’d write a little blurb here to acknowledge this here.



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7 responses to “Why Febuary is an exciting month for MAGIC…

  1. Aaron

    so is the show for channel 8 confirmed to be on sundays? i wouldn’t want to miss it man.. especially since it’s free.. :p

  2. Jack

    the last picture was a bit random.. haha.. seems like you guys are getting busy early in the year. keep it up!

  3. BeMyAngels

    Wah. Looks like your february has been a wonderful and fruitful one. Ending it off nicely with Feb 28! Magic DAY,

  4. Mugger86

    HAAAAAAAa whats a boob-popper? 😀 *gets ready to watch Five Stars Carnival to find out*

  5. TimeThief

    938live? Radio magic? OOoo. That sounds interesting. Radio also can do magic ah?. Didnt know man. What time is that?

  6. Will

    boob-popper sounds really wrong.. i hope it doesn’t mean anything obscene.. anyway, i’m really looking forward to the 28th!

  7. Pam

    That’s the challenge I’ll be posing Ning & JC. Magic over the radio waves… can it be done? Tune in! 🙂

    “Boob popper” is self-explanatory. It’s just what my BFF’s black leather costume does. ’nuff said! It’s not meant to be obscene lah. 😛

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