Florist Appreciation Day…

Hahaha… So much for being anti-establishment *wry grin*

Thanks to the mysterious sender of the beautiful bouquet of pretty red roses, who had it sent to The Arena @ Clarke Quay just moments before my Ultimate Magic gig this evening. I so love the flowers!!! The single rose stalk was from darling Larry… who knew the guy’s such a sweetheart!

I used to scoff at 14 Feb because it’s such an overly commercialized day. But it’s true however, that this special day does make you consider who is the  one special person, you wanna spend it with.

Happy Valentines/ Friendship Day everyone!!!



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6 responses to “Florist Appreciation Day…

  1. BeMyAngels

    That’s so sweet! The sender of the bouquet of roses should reveal himself to you. Such a nice thought to get you the flowers.

  2. Daniel

    haha.. what an interesting way to put it. i guess it’s true though.. i got quite a lot of flowers that day when i usually don’t even buy 1 stalk.

  3. Will

    that’s not really true la.. ;i never buy any flowers for my gf.. she doesn’t even want flowers lor..

  4. Jack

    hey i heard that in japan or the actual valentine’s day, the girl is supposed to make the first move. it’s said that 14th feb is for them to show that they like a guy. then the guy is supposed to show how he feels on some other day.

  5. TimeThief

    Feb 14. Valentine’s day. A day to spend with a loved one or with friends. A terrible day to spend money on flowers. Haa.. Should try making origami roses. Much more romantic. Much much more cheaper. 😀

  6. ning

    It’s always the thought that counts 😉 While flowers are sweet, it’s really all about the message!

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