Geeky Gal’s sexy, new Gadget!

Woohoo!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooo completely in love with my brand new watch, that I received this afternoon I finally got my long-awaited Kyokusen LED watch from the land of the rising sun, and it’s absolutely the SEXIEST gadget ever, bar none!

This funky Tokyo Flash watch doesn’t have regular hands or the usual numbers – it tells the time by specifically designed color bars – the LED face features different colored codes for every hour, 5 min blocks and single 1 min units *grin* Is that cool, or is that cool?

Personally, I think the Japanese are just so brilliant and creative! Obviously this isn’t exactly the easiest way to tell the time but knowing the time in 2 seconds is over-rated. Besides, after awhile you’ll get the hang of it and this alternative way of telling the time most definitely trains your brain with all the math you have to do.

Check out the totally funky mental gym (don’t you just love the circular array of pretty LED lights!) currently strapped snuggly on my wrist…

That’s part of the user manual above, if any of you got lost in my brief explanation above, of how to tell the time. *rueful grin* Trust me, it gets really easy after awhile! Plus… isn’t it an added bonus that something seemingly so mundane like telling the time, can actually become FUN!?!

Anyways, this comes in different varieties but I got the beautiful chrome faced one on a grey genuine leather strap 😛 It’s such an AWESOME treat (because it isn’t exactly cheap) after such a crazily hectic work schedule. Sorry, did I say crazy? I meant – CRAZY!

I mean, if you’ve been following my personal blog (or J C’s blog), you’d know that the Concept:Magic team’s been really busy and working non-stop! Just track back and you’d know the more major stuff we’ve been up to, but this discounts all the meetings and smaller projects we’ve been busy with as well.

Alrighty, I gotta get going to Clarke Quay now. I need to swiftly "Magic Babe" up for Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, happening in a wee bit 🙂 Ta for now, more later…



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3 responses to “Geeky Gal’s sexy, new Gadget!

  1. Aaron

    that seems like a very complicated way of telling time.. all the programming behind is actually very simple, but i didn’t think anyone would want to make a watch like that. it’s kinda cool..

  2. Jack

    my gosh, that looks like a freaking bomb! no actually, it just looks like a tracking device.. haha.. i took me really long to figure out the time on the watch..

  3. TimeThief

    Is it me or do you get the coolest stuff ever? But I bet you would have a headache the first few times reading the watch. Look at the watch, count, 5 secs later, use fingers to count the time. Ha. I think I need to get a watch like that but I dont think Singapore sells them. Hmmm.

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