Filming @ Mediacorp for Channel 8’s Five Stars Carnival

Today’s filming for Mediacorp’s latest Channel 8 programme "Five Star Carnival" was a TRULY INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! Be sure to watch it when it airs starting 22 Feb @ 9PM. J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning (yours truly) perform our distinct style of ‘urban illusions in the city’ in each and every episode 🙂

J C’s beat me to blogging about today’s awesome experience, so do check out his thoughts at Backstage Business: The Art, Science & Business of Magic *grin* This is my personal blog so here’s my take on my very first TV taping for magic, right before a full-house audience of hundreds of ‘live’ witnesses (an appreciative crowd, they were honestly really awesome to perform for!) & at least 3 studio cameras working the floor, and 1 hand-held roving cam,  as well as, 1 big one on a professional crane!

But first, here’s some photos of the 2 of us in action at the very beautiful and very grand, Mediacorp Studios TV Theatre, located at Caldecott Broadcast Centre! This is their largest television recording studio, and apparently the very same one that J C was at, many years ago for Mediacorp’s President Star Charity event. I actually distinctly remember watching him on TV (with my entire family) perform the classic ambitious card routine for President S R Nathan. Gosh. I recall thinking J C Sum must be a really brave man, because it’s one thing to be able to do a ACR but something else to perform the routine infront of so many ‘live’ audiences and TV cameras in real time, before the President of Singapore! *wry grin*

Okay, I digress. Here’s them photos from today’s taping at Mediacorp Studios 😛

Crystal Metamorphosis  – yours truly fixing the chains and sealing J C shut inside the solid acrylic box.

With him inside and me on top… blink and you’d miss it…

An instant transposition takes place, with us magically exchanging positions in a blink of an eye!

Us performing BLAM-O, an explosive stage illusion created by Jonathan Pendragon but named by Mark Kalin or Joseph Gabriel.

Crystal Appearance is an illuson designed and fabricated by us, as featured in

REVO-LLUSION, one of the big hits in our on-going daily illusion show Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, makes an appearance…  

Like the crowd in Clarke Quay, the audience really loved the illusion of J C appearing through the spinning metal blades of the giant industrial fan

We also performed a version of SPIKER (Audience Accupuncture by Jim Steinmeyer) with my velvet gloves and lethal Japanese sais…

In a reversal of roles, J C gets spiked by me… people actually yelped when the spikes visually went through his prone body

Light & Space (my personal favorite!!!) was the very last ilusion we performed for the evening. Now you see me… 

Now you don’t!

And there I am, back again… TAH-DAAAAH!!!! 😀

It was honestly one of the most physically taxing moments I’ve personally encountered – we were taping on an extremely tight timeline so everything had to be as PERFECT as possible & it was relentless illusions after illusions,, with no break whatsoever. I was feeling as flat as a roti prata when it was finally a wrap (haha… no pun intended!) *wry grin*

Loading in and out was quite a nightmare because of logistics. We had so many big illusions and bulky props, the Concept:Magic team had to utilize two professional moving vehicles and our trucks also got caught up in traffic, but that’s another story. Good thing we’ve got a really reliable team running the show, so it was all good.

The TV Director and Executive Producer of the show were really happy with what they saw & shared that it was a pleasure working with us professionals 🙂 Well, pleasure’s all ours really! *beams* As you know, J C is a veteran and this obviously isn’t the guy’s first time doing magic aand illusions for TV. Being trained for stage, it took me a moment to get used to the difference between theatre and television, but I’m fortunate that my diploma in Film, Sound & Video from Ngee Ann Poly did help me out somewhat.

I had fun today and, as always, it’s about enjoying the moment for me. There were a couple of goof-ups, like when I was doing my dangerous sai-dance for our Spiker illusion and one of my heavy Japanese daggers slipped out of my gloved fingers in mid-twirl and went spinning into the air, completely out of control, before crashing unto the floor *LOL* We had to stop and do a re-take. Heh. Well sorreeeeee, but this girl’s only human! *sheepish grin*

It was a full-house and the appreciative audience gave us extremely warm applause at the end, when I smiled and waved my sincere thanks and gratitude. Like I mentioned, we started off really pumped but it was very, very, very draining rushing through all those illusions while having to remember to radiate (smile! be sincere! emote!) while performing. It’s like a completely crazy Hans Klok magic marathon, on-going for 2 hours!

Guo Liang & the extremely talented and gorgeous Michelle Chong host this 5-episode programme which airs every Sunday evening, on Mediacorp TV’s Channel 8 starting this 22 Feb at 9pm… so do check out our illusion segments featured on every ep of "Five Stars Carnival" then 🙂



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4 responses to “Filming @ Mediacorp for Channel 8’s Five Stars Carnival

  1. Aaron

    are all 5 episodes going to be you guys doing magic? that will be nice.. or are there even more magicians from abroad invited? 😮

  2. Jack

    ohhhoo, it looks very much like ultimate magic.. or maybe it’s just cos both shows have th illusion crystal metamorphasis.. channel 8? i’ll be tuning in!

  3. BeMyAngels

    talk about tight scheduling for 5 episodes. ouch.. luckily everything went smooth besides the sai flying. like 10 days to the show. hopefully i dont have any outings that night,

  4. Whodunni

    It must be fun doing tvshows and getting to meet actors like Michelle Chong! I wonder if the actors are a fan of u too? 😀 Who knows, your fav actor might actually be ur fan, that would be so awesome.

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