The Coke Mystery…

J C & I performed at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) earlier today, with my darling Ade & Larry as our ever reliable showcrew. And interesting fact is that the rest of the Concept:Magic team are all from NTU (Matthew, Larry, Adeline, Jimmy) except us… J C’s from NUS & I graduated from RMIT.

Anyways. J C & I are featured on the cover of NTU’s current issue of ART JAM magazine, which is distributed on campus & various parts of our sunny island! Today’s mini-show was really a meet and greet on campus to help promote the magazine. A few hundred people came to watch us in action, despite the blistering heat and humidity!

Check out J C’s blog for more performance pictures and things. Meanwhile, here’s a couple of pix from my camera that Ade used just a couple of hours ago…

I personally had lots of fun performing at NTU and it was nice that there were folks who recognised us. There were also some who had already watched J C & yours truly in action at our on-going Ultimate Magic @ The Arena permanent illusion shows at Clarke Quay! *grin*

Due to the crazy heat and humidity, we were really parched at the end of the gig. Ade went over to the nearby 7-11 to buy us some Coke but horrors or horrors, they ran out of the popular beverage! *faint* We couldn’t believe the convience store didn’t stock it!!! That’s Coke Mystery #1…

Upon reaching the office after lunch outside, we were then appalled to find a deep dark mess in our pantry area…

Coke Mystery #2: The exploding can of frozen stuff… since none of the guys at work admitted to putting the cans near the freezer compartment, evidently the beverage grew limbs and waddled over *wry grin* Naughty, naughty, Coke can!

Alrighty, I gotta end here now… it’s a  few hours before we leave for The Arena, and I’ve got some rehearsals to finish up for tomorrow’s filming for Mediacorp Channel 8 🙂 Ta for now, more later!



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5 responses to “The Coke Mystery…

  1. Jack

    eww, that looks really horrid.. are you sure it’s only coke? i’ve never had coke explode on me before, cos i freeze it using bottles. 😉

  2. Aaron

    oh my goodness! that’s kinda gross.. luckily i drink pepsi, not coke. if not i’ll be grossed out and not take coke for some time..

  3. Will

    yea yea, i did that once! i wanted to chill the coke fast, and it ended up exploding in the freezer! i had a horrible time cleaning up after that, and my mum nagged at me for so long..

  4. Khai85

    Makes you think, do all magicians learn their magic from NTU? 😛 Kidding. Ha.. To bad I’m not a student there, otherwise I would have asked for an autograph with Magic Babe Ning And JC Sum. I suppose I have to go to Arena for that. Haa. 😀

  5. TimeThief

    You bought a magical can of coke! It flew and moved about. It’s evil and must be destroyed. Ha…

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