3:45AM wake-up call for AWESOME Shangrila gig…

We’d barely just adjusted from having touched down from London, when the Concept:Magic team had to be up really early this morning at Shangrila for a special stage illusion sequence customised to be the opening segment for BIDVest’s conference at the hotel’s very grand ballroom, which ended with J C & I magically producing the CEO (a very sporting gentleman from South Africa) out of nowhere.

Ade and Larry didn’t sleep a wink (choosing to go for supper but not telling me… hmph ;)) and neither did J C or Matt, I think. It was a bit of a struggle for me to roll out of bed, get ready for work, leave my cosy apartment on time and drive to town, but I ended up being the first to arrive around 4+ in the morning *wry grin*

That’s some of us fiddling with the set-up on stage in the wee hours way before anyone else came in. The efficient show crew had everything up and running around 6AM (inclusive of all the AV stuff, etc.), with all of us generaly in a good mood, despite the early call-time. Yep, no grouchy morning unhapppiness! 🙂 The client was really sweet to us, offering us breakfast but J C & I had to decline because as performers, we didn’t like to feel full when we hit the stage. Job quirk!

The event started before 9AM and the entire venue was filled with people from all over the world! We were all extremely busy with our various roles and responsibilities so there wasn’t anyone available to take photos, but I do hope to get the video and maybe some photos from the event producer soon!

Personally, this was honestly one of my best performances. I was extremely happy with every single aspect this morning – the audience (consisting of PMEBs) was simply fantastic and everything was executed flawlessly. I gave my 100% best and was able to push my intensity to maximum despite the early hour.

At showtime, J C & I performed illusions after illusions, non-stop, Hans Klok (my favorite European illusionist) style. It was pure energy and magic on stage, no talking – just hardcore visual magic that connected with the watching audience. We did Full-Throttle, Light & Space, Crystal Appearance and more… setting up an impactful opening for the CEO’s welcome speech that flagged the start of the organisation’s full-day conference.

For J C’s perspective on things, feel free to check out his blog here. BIDVest’s early morning gig at Shangrila aside, this evening as usual saw us busy with Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show. It was very cool because we had a big group tonight, with a majority being tourists from Japan.

This weekend sees us quite busy with corporate bookings in town, after our night shows at Clarke Quay. Next week, J C & I start our filming with Mediacorp TV’s Channel 8 (which premiers later this month… talk about quick!) & there’s also that meet-and-greet session at NTU earlier in the week. More on that later!



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3 responses to “3:45AM wake-up call for AWESOME Shangrila gig…

  1. Aaron

    why didn’t you guys stay over at the hotel instead? i think it would have been much easier ma.. just wake up and go downstairs.. haha..

  2. khai85

    Looks like you have a busy week ahead! I wonder how you guys have your own time to relax and chill…

  3. GinTon

    one word. Owls. you guys dont sleep dont you?

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