My UK magic experience…

The Southern England Magic Convention happened just a few days ago but fond memories of wonderful people, beautiful places and happy times still linger. J C & I were interviewed and featured in a UK television programme as the news team came down to the inaugural event.

I made lots of friends, and had many nice people come up to me after the show for photos and autographs… the English are a really wonderful bunch. In actual fact, just before I flew off, I was ‘informed’ that most English people were snooty racist with a grumpy uppity temperment with nothing good to say most of the time… but this really wasn’t the case with the folks I encountered 🙂

J C was booked for a lecture which he did on urban classic magic, and yours truly was booked for my one gal show… alll this happened over a year ago, when the organisers read about us in MAGICSEEN magazine. It was kinda strange however, that most people were under the impression that we were booked to do our full illusion show, so that caused some confusion.

To be honest, I’m really not clear how that assumption started because for J C & I, it’s always been totally clear what we’re booked for, by the SEMC organisers, since we inked the contract over a year ago! We were just completely stunned when people started asking us why we didn’t bring Ultimate Magic up to the UK! I wonder whatever happened to cause this misunderstanding.


I had fun there… and that’s what it is for me really. I really don’t give a ratsarse about the on-going politics that’s apparently happening between the two magic camps (Blackpool & SEMC) cos for me, magic is magic. Make love, not war Wonderful folks like very kind organisers and their families, the wacky Twins & Mark Parker, as well as, the fantastic backstage crew made that night really memorable. Not the mention the people (magicians, lay people, the media, etc) present as well!

Ticket sales were very impressive, with the entire Lakeside complex was filled. It was about 3AM when I finally returned to my hotel room and man, was the weather COLD!!! There’s going to be a DVD on this event coming out in a bit, created by Paul Squires (a real sweetheart!), who did Ever So Sleightly.

Now, as promised… here’s photos from the day!!! *grin*

J C’s lecture in the afternoon was attended by many. It was a full house, with several purchasing his illusion books right after. He touched on urban classic magic that afternoon, which highlighted our Crystal Metamorphosis illusion and much more…

News crew from iTV featured us on UK television… they came by early to capture some of the going-ons so locals could swing by for the gala night! They were impressed that this little Asian chick could do some mean fire eatting 😉

I was actually all nicely dressed up in a cheongsam (since it was the Chinese Lunar New Year and I was feeling a bit homesick) but we were told that the news team wanted us, so I had to change into my costume immediately. It was such a hassle, I decided not to change back after.

Mark Parker… it’s a love/hate relationship between me and Mr P *wry grin* The talented illusion designer’s been very busy with working on Lee Hom’s tour, and just flew down from Las Vegas where the singer was doing a CNY concert.

That’s us with gentle giant, Lee Alex, who’s based in Istanbul. He’s the creator of the very popular Happy Birthday Waistcoat, which we retail on Magic Boutique. It’s reviewed by none-other  than Mr. John Teo, president of IBM Ring 115!

Sean Alexander and us… we had dinner with him & his partner, Vanessa, the night before. The good-looking UK illusion duo were quite recently featured on Britian’s Got Talent. He’s very familiar with J C’s work and purchased his brand new illusion book after the lecture.

Theo, who was fantastic to work with. This very charming Englishman’s got a very big heart, having came to Singapore many years before to work with the disabled. He was working with us backstage during the gala night and is one Mr. Nice Guy.

Steve was a super cool cat backstage and was fantastic as the event’s stage manager. Off peak, we were showing off our tattoos to each other. LOL! I really enjoyed working with Steve – he’s the man who was totally clear headed when everyone else was running around like headless chickens *grin*

Paul Squires was cameraman for the entire event and the man’s a real sweetheart. We corresponded via email years ago, after The Little Magic Shop (predecessor of Magic Boutique) wrote a review on his very nicely done documentary DVD. I can’t wait for him to put together this event DVD and send it over to us!

Oh yeah… That’s us in my private dressing-room backstage, which was super huge. It’s nearly the size of my studio apartment back in Singapore, with a roomy bathroom (complete with bathtub), a huge professional make-up counter, a decent leather sofa, chairs and a table, as well as, a very roomy closet. I felt so spoilt! *rueful grin*

Yours truly and The Twins… Gary & Paul-Hardy are really insane and I love them to BITS!!! They teased us "little Asian people" to no end and yes, they really are as crazy as they look. Their pal, Mark Parker, commented that with their funky new hairstyles, the two illusionists looked like "their mother was raped by a cockatoo" *LOL*

I managed to grab Magic Singh for a quick photo after the show, and it was a pity I missed Mel Mellers, El Locco, Mike Danata, James Moore and the rest… and yeah, you can see, one half of the crazy Twins behind us. *rolls eyes*

England was great but I’m sure glad to be back home, where the heart is… Check out J C’s blog for updates on his end. He’s got even more pictures & I’m sure, a heck lot more to say 🙂 Now please excuse me as I dig into my favorite bakkwa.. I had cravings for this tasty 肉乾 treat the entire time I was in the UK!!!! (^_^)>



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5 responses to “My UK magic experience…

  1. Aaron

    wow, they look really big as compared to you and jc. i guess europeans and americans are really much bigger in size. and oh yea baby, bakkwa rocks! haha..

  2. Jack

    it looks like your trip was really fun! the people look really interesting too. is there any chance that they’ll come to singapore to have a performance or something?

  3. Will

    wow, there are so many magicians around the world that i do not know of.. magic singh sounds absolutely cool! and from the looks of it, he’s a very nice guy.

  4. Khai85

    What’s with the magic politics man? Just as Magic Babe Ning said, Make Love Not War or in this case, Make more MAGICCC!! 😀 They should have more conventions in Singapore! Like Magic Day. 😀 YEAH! Can’t wait for Feb 28!! So near yet so far….

  5. RoBerTo

    event dvd! coolio. is it going to be on magic boutique too? i want to see what i missed in that event! and best off all, can get to see magicbabe perform. 😉

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