I’m finally back HOME!

Gosh… what a trip 🙂 I’m finally back from the UK!

J C & I reached Singapore yesterday after a crazy 14-hour flight from London and man, were we lucky! The flight right after ours was delayed due to the bad snowstorm which gave the city 15cm of snow… we were really fortunate to reach home safely because we had Ultimate Magic @ The Arena to perform at Clarke Quay a few short hours after!

I had very bad jetlag today, spending most of the time sleeping in my new apartment (which is now a big mess because of all my opened luggages and the fact that I haven’t had the time and energy to completely unpack), only waking up for a sinful Pizza Hut delivery brunch and a few hours after, to get my jetlagged ass out of the door and head to work in the evening.

My new landlord is just the sweetest – he actually got me a box of chocolates and a whole lot of beer in the fridge. LOL. I’m really lucky to have such a cool landlord who also takes an interest in what I do. The man will be down to catch our show soon, on Magic Day which happens on 28 Feb *grin*

This is going to be a short one, will post photos and write all about our UK magic experience tomorrow…

Ta for now, more later!



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5 responses to “I’m finally back HOME!

  1. Jack

    welcome back to singapore! it’s still in the lunar new year period, so happy new year! quick quick, go collect your angbaos.. :p

  2. Will

    man, i love snow! how i wish i can go for such interesting trips.. hopefully i can achieve this through my hard work.

  3. lee

    Home is where the heart is…thanks for the compliment.See you on MaGic Day come shine,rain or storm !

  4. Khai85

    Cool landlord you have man! Wonder if he is a magician too? That would be awesome.

  5. RoBerTo

    welcome back to singapore!! how do you guys do it? just arrived from a flight and off to another show. you guys have some real dedication to magic…

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