She-Magician of London

Okay, that was a corny take from "She-Wolf of London", a TV series I remember watching as a child *wry grin* Do you remember it? I vaguely recall some scenes of female nudity. Anyways, I digress. London! We went up to London today, and despite the sad weather, it was a blast!

Raquel (aka Mrs Richardson) took J C & I up and it was an experience, taking the train and tube using the all-day pass. We went to many places and the very last stop before we called it a day, was Harrod’s of course 🙂 Check out some of our pictures…

Yours truly with Collin Richardson, organiser of the Southern England Magic Convention

J C & I at the Farnborough train station, on our way to London.

I so love Salvador Dali… he’s an inspiration. Loved his films too, now they were warped… just like his clocks *lol*

Big Ben at the River Thames… and me standing in the rain…

Raquel and I with the London Eye in the background.

It’s hard to smile for pictures when you’re standing in the rain, on Hungerford Bridge…

Check it out… I’m standing just outside the actual house of the English dude who wrote MOBY DICK!

This part of London just reminded me of Diagon Alley, mentioned in all of JK Rowling’s Harry potter books *grin*

J C & I standing outside Davenport’s, the very magic shop where my on-stage partner got his first magic prop a long, long time ago…

Trafalgar Square… it was raining, so we didn’t get attacked by the usual flock of crazy fat pigeons.

David & Goliath… my sisters’ fave cloths store…

The 3 of us after lunch at Covent Garden… those steak sandwiches were YUMMY!

Lovely buskers doing their thing… I love Canon in D major! It’s my fave classic on violin *swoons*

St James Park, near the very beautiful Buckingham Palace…

Just love those trees… I feel like I’d stepped into an Enid Blyton storybook!

Buckingham Palace is gorgeous… pity the weather =(


I went crazy here and went back with 3 large bags of stuff =P


Lol… We took a coffee break at Starbucks to rest our legs after al that walking and it was there that we filmed the above 30second clip on the fly, totally impromptu and in just one single take. J C was totally punked and yes, there’s absolutely no magnets/ threads/ wires/ sticky tape/ etc used in this instant levitation effect *grin*

Let me know what you think 😉



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6 responses to “She-Magician of London

  1. chinkie

    Totally PUNKED is right. When are you going to sell the exclusive ‘Magic Babe’ effect on Magic Boutique? *demand*

  2. jun

    OH my god! *envious* I wanna be at all those places too!!

  3. wendy32

    I want to go to Davenport’s!!!!! I heard long time ago about this magic shop! It’s so old it’s almost magic history itself isn’t it?

  4. darrel

    have you seen anyone green in face before? if you see me now, you would have seen one. Cos i am so green with envy… I wanna be a travelling magician. This is like so awesome!

    you all look like having great time at UK. have fun, kick ass, and do sg proud!

  5. Andy

    Hi Guys…. saw your show last night at Lakeside, ….. Awesome!
    Can’t wait for the next one…..


  6. Aaron

    hey, it looks really cold over there.. do take care ya.. i’m waiting to see ultimate magic, and it wouldn’t be good if you were to fall sick when you return to singapore.

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