Magic Babe set loose in England!

My given hotel room at the Lakeside has a marvelous view from the balcony window of the beautiful Firmley Green lake, but I couldn’t wait to see the REAL sights. Scoffing down our English breakfast, J C & I then headed out for a morning walk around the vicinity of our hotel, which is set in the sprawling grounds of Bob Potter’s Lakeside Complex.

The weather was chilly, so this tropical gal had to be all padded up but my hands were still freezing! The 2 of us had a short hour walk around the Firmley village and as usual, I was trigger happy! We head out to London the next couple of days but meanwhile, here’s some of zillions of pictures taken from this morning *grin*

Stepping out of the Lakeside International Hotel, where the upcoming Southern England Magic Convention is held… the early morning air was pretty chilly!

Tropical gals like me are used to tank tops and shorts, so winter gloves and beanies are pretty damn foreign!

Take 2, with me getting more used to the chilly air which definitely made me feel a lot more awake since i’m so not a morning person *rueful grin*

TADAH… okay if you have to know, i was wearing LAYERS AND LAYERS AND LAYERS of clothing. i’ve never been more padded up in my life =P

You can’t see it but there’s smoke coming out from the chimney. What a lovely house!

England is just so different from cosmopolitan Singapore. You can see so much more sky and there’s no tall skyscrapers looming over you!

Surrey’s such a quaint English village… some houses didnt even have gates!

There’s something about the trees that look magical. They reminded me of those old stories by Enid Blyton that I read when I was a child…

There’s beauty in there… along with a tinge of sad loneliness.

Doesn’t the lone lampost remind you of Narnia?

A hobbit gate! Just kidding.

House of thorns.

My ‘Forrest Gump’ moment, minus the box of chocolates!

If it wasn’t too chilly, it’d be nice to read a book here, in this park…

One of their bus stops along the road, haha… pretty old-school compared to what we have, but i love it!

My SUPERMAN moment… *pa-pa-pa-paaaah pa-pa-pa-paaaah!!!* A red phone booth!!!

A Chinese restaurant that serves 3 very different styles… how authentic can they be? It pretty much amused me, their 3-in-1ness!

OMG. Whoever thought of such a name! =P Well, it is perhaps someone’s favorite body part. Mmm mm mm…

A sweet little bakery that I bought a gingerbread woman from… love the aroma of freshly baked bread!

An authentic English postbox… maybe we could do an illusion where we shrink it and it suddenly develops a slot where its the perfect size to fit a penny in =)

Make a wish…

A tavern which kinda reminded me of The White Rabbit @ Dempsley, off Holland Village

There were already blokes in there drinking pints though it was early morning.




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3 responses to “Magic Babe set loose in England!

  1. Aaron

    wow, those are like the classic pictures of england! did you not just take them from the internet and photoshop them? just joking.. :p i’m sure you’re having a great time in england.

  2. Jack

    hey, didn’t you go to england for a magic convention or something? how come there are only photos of the countryside? are cameras not allowed in the convention? 😮

  3. Will

    it seems like you are having fun in england. man i miss those days in countries with 4 seasons. it’ll be nice to have cold weather once in a while..

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