Jetlagged but happy…

We’ve reached England after a 14 hour flight! The plane was delayed a little because of heavy traffic conditions but it was an otherwise decent flight – comfortable (Singapore Airlines rock!) and very decent. I spent most of my time writing, reading, listening to my iPod, and checking out the SQ inflight entertainment system.

Everything went like a breeze and J C & I were very warmly welcomed by the wonderful event organisers of the Southern England Magic Convention; there were cameras and video cameras, and I even got flowers. Here’s a picture of us with Mr Collin Richardson, the man who made it all happen 🙂

Gosh, I wasn’t even wearing any make-up since it was a long flight and I wanted my skin to breathe *sheepish grin* Now if only I anticipated!

After all that was over, J C & I were driven in his sporty green Mercedes Benz to Lakeside international hotel, in Firmley, Surrey. It’s located about 45 minutes from London by car, much faster if you take their train. Anyways, Collin’s a wonderful host and a true English gentleman. We got to meet his lovely wife too, a really sweet lady by the name of Raquel.

We were informed that posters and publicity with our photos have been put up all around the complex and over 1,000 people have purchased tickets to the event. I’m honestly a bit ‘stoned’ from the long 14 hours spent in a cramp place (this girl really appreciates her space) and a tad jet-lagged (time difference is an alien concept to me) so I’m gonna have to call this an early night.

Ta for now, more later…



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2 responses to “Jetlagged but happy…

  1. Daniel

    14 hours? i thought it should take much longer than that to reach england.. anyway, singapore airlines’ entertainment system absolutely rocks!

  2. Jack

    looks like a big event! how did it go? i’m sure it was a blast.

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