ART JAM magazine

Look out for this free local magazine coming out next week! Widely distributed in different parts of our sunny island, this brand new issue of ART JAM features both J C Sum and yours truly, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, on its glossy cover as we’re their cover story.

The two of us will be doing a meet & greet session at NTU as well, sometime next month, once we’re back from our UK trip. For more info on that, feel free to check out J C’s blog for details *grin*

Lunar New Year is coming up shortly, and so is our impending trip to the UK for the inaugural Southern England Magic Convention in Surrey, England which sess me headling their event & J C being a guest lecturer. We fly on the 25th, which is the eye of CNY, so I took the chance to have an early reunion meal with my  family this afternoon at Dragon Phoenix restaurant.

I’m really looking forward to the event, as well as, the whole UK experience 🙂 I just hope I ddon’t freeze my butt off, considering the chilly weather’s currently at 0 and minus!


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