Movies, movies…

Being in the mood, I caught two films, Milk & Changeling. Not your typical Hollywood flicks, these were based on real-life events. Real people. Real causes. Real fights. Both were very good, a tad heavy maybe for some, but still something I’d honestly recommend.

Milk is based on the life and death of American gay-activist, Harvey Milk, who’s the first openly gay politician in the USA. This brave leader who pretty much changed the lives of the people of San Francisco’s The Castro, was unfortunately assassinated in 1978. Sean Penn plays Milk very well & James Franco (cute Harry from Spiderman fame) sits very well in his role as the silently suffering other half.

I cried watching the film, because it was very nicely directed (a nod to film veteran, Gus Van Sant) and his death was just simply tragic. Milk definitely deserved all the film awards bestowed upon it, in my humble opinion anyway. The typical Singaporean may not fully appreciate it however; there may be a majority who actually prefer Jack Neo films *wry grin*

Clint Eastwood’s Changeling stars John Malkovich & Angelina Jolie, who were just fantastic in their roles in this film based on a true life 1928 encounter of a woman who’s missing son is returned to her by the police, but it actually isn’t her son. She then sets out to uncover the truth so she could find her own flesh and blood, despite unethical attempts from coorrupt police forces in squashing her down as they sink in bad PR.

I’m not a mother but I could totally relate with the fear and lost and sadness from the intensity of this award-winning film, which was very well written and researched. Angelina Jolie has grown tremendously as a thespian and I truly enjoyed watching her play Christine Collins, vulnerable… yet strong… the actresses caught my eye over a decade ago when she acted in a movie called HACKERS. I subsequently saw her in GIA, which blew my mind. She’s been in my radar since then & I truly admire her growth – not just as an actress, but as a human being.

Again, I’m not certain if this film is something most Singaporeans may like, but it’s definitely something I’d recommend catching. It’s heavy and you may not want to watch it more than once, but it’s an absolute must-see. it reminds you of the fact that in this world, mothers are the strongest, most amazing people.

I love you, my supermom…


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