Crazy schedule = Hectic lifestyle

Oh man… it’s still only the first month of 2008 but I already feel a tad overwhelmed. It’s a good kind of overwhelmed actually,  not a bad one. But just looking at what’s already scheduled in my diary makes my eyes kinda glaze over.

J C & I perform Ultimate Magic at The Arena every night (except for Sundays, cos it’s the Sabbath *grin*) and besides doing Singapore’s first permanent illusion show, we still have our misc bookings and events later in the evenings after our non-stop 1-hour illusion show.

Channel News Asia had us on their popular Prime Time Morning segment earlier this week, as we will be flying off to the UK later this week for the inaugural Southern England Magic Convention where I’d be the first Singaporean to be the headlining act.

Apparently the organisers of SEMC have already arranged several media interviews with various UK magazines and TV programmes, with yours truly. I’ll be staying at the gorgeous Lakeside, in Surrey, but I’d be shuttling around London and all over during the time I’m in England. Which would be really lovely, as long as I’m all recovered by then. I so hate being under the weather *pout*

Anyways. Mediacorp’s news radio station 938LIVE will also be having us on their programme The Livingroom, after we come back from the UK. This happens a day just before Magic Day @ The Arena which I previously blogged about. I’ve been told that there’s been a lot of buzz about it, which is great, because this event is seriously one you shouldn’t miss. I’m giving my all to make it a fantastically fun success *grin*

When J C & I arrive back in Singapore on 2 Feb (a long 16-hour flight… graaaah), we’d be heading off to Clarke Quay for our daily show, so I hope I don’t get jet-lagged!! The next morning sees me getting my keys to my new studio apartment in District 11 & it’d be crazy rehearsals from afternoon till evening for an upcoming gig we have on 5 Feb at Shagrila!

This major event is super cool because it’s specially customized by us, and I’m really excited with all the huge illusions we’d be performing, as well as, making the client’s CEO appear magically from nowhere! Unfortunately, loading in happens at 4AM because the show is at 9AM! And as some of you already know, I am so not a morning person Hey, I’m only human!!!

A couple of days after sees J C & I making an appearance at NTU & the very next day, a full day filming at Mediacorp Studios for a brand new Channel 8 programme. That’s right – we get exclusive airtime during this soon-to-be-aired variety show on prime time! Called Five Stars Carnival, it screens every Saturday at 9pm from 22 Feb onwards! Following that, the two of us will be making another special appearance later in the month at Suntec for a huge travel fair event. This happens on the weekend of 22 Feb, and is freely open to public, so do swing by.

So just in case you assume that I’ve got a lot of time on my hands… man, I wish!!! I always feel like I need a clone or two, but we’d probably bicker about who gets to enjoy a nice time-out *wry grin* Righty, it’s time for me to leave my cosy dressing room at The Arena & meet the Queenies for dinner in town. I can’t wait to see the girls. They are my rock!!!!


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4 responses to “Crazy schedule = Hectic lifestyle

  1. Aaron

    you got to be kidding.. channel 8 is going to have a show just for magic? wow that’s really something new.. you guys really are singapore’s pride!

  2. Jack

    happy new year! may you find your true love in the coming year.. :p gong xi fa cai!

  3. Michael

    I heard through the magic grapevines here in the Big Apple that you caused quite a stir with your presence in your visit to Lakeside in the UK last night. I heard that no one could kep there eyes off of you and that you electrified the crowd. When are you going to come to New York to create a power surge????

    Hope all is well.

    Michael from New York xxxooo

  4. Will

    wow, a magic show on tv finally? i think mediacorp gotta start learning from taiwan tv stations. i mean, be innovative, and not just follow after their footsteps..

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