Channel News Asia – Prime Time Morning

Guess what unearthly time this nocturnal creature of the night had to wake up this morning *wry grin*

To be honest, I’m really no morning person but this early AM saw me struggling to get out of bed, just to reach Mediacorp Studios on time, for our TV interview with the hosts of Channel News Asia‘s Prime Time Morning!

J C & I were invited by the producers of the show, as they learnt that we’d be flying up to UK this weekend for the inaugural Southern England Magic Convention event, which sees yours truly being the event’s headline act. This is a first for a Singaporean, so it’s a real honor to do my country proud! *grin*

We’ve been on Channel News Asia several times, but this was a first to be on their morning talk show. Suzanne & Steven were amiable TV hosts and we even did some interactive magic with the viewers at home. Click here if you missed it – there’s a really nice write-up, besides, a link to the video!

Check out J C’s blog for more info about it. My folks caught the segment as they happened to be at home (ah, to be able to enjoy annual leave) and enjoyed our banter on ‘LIVE’ TV. My parents were concerned because I’m still under the weather, but I’m glad that didn’t show… though the medication did make me a lot less hyper. Some of you may know, I’m actually a lot more animated usually. Heh.

Anyway… Steven and I actually go way back. Prior to him being a host on TV, the guy was actually a part-time lecturer at film school – where we first met! LOL… Life’s funny that way. I never could imagine him as a Dad, because he was one of the more funky lecturers. But time changes everything I guess. He guy’s mellowed a lot but he’s still as corny!



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4 responses to “Channel News Asia – Prime Time Morning

  1. Pam

    Thanks for sharing the clip! I missed it on CNA, and am glad i got to see it here.

    I loved the 2 “tricks” you guys did – awesome. How did JC do the rubiks thing?! :0

    Can’t wait to have you guys on our programme! *grin*

  2. Aaron

    haha.. nocturnal person? what happens if you happen to have shows in the mornings? will you fall asleep during the show? :p

  3. ning

    @ Aaron – No, red bull sugarless is my bestfriend *wry grin*

    @ Pam – How did J C do it? Well, there’s actually a hidden button on the cube so when he presses it, the entire thing automatically transforms (like you know, that Transformers movie)… buy it now from Magic Boutique 😉

    JUST KIDDING!!!! There’s no magic button, in case you believe what I said above. LOL. Anyways, yes! Look forward to being on your radio talkshow too Pam =) Catch up with you after my UK trip…

  4. Aaron

    haha! apparently my friends think so too.. one red bull a day keeps the tiredness at bay.. hahaha..

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