Deadly Sexy Magic @ Ritz Carlton

This evening saw me do my one gal stage show – Deadly Sexy Magic – at the swanky Ritz Carlton hotel. It was quite a comedy of errors, given that I was feeling under the weather (reaction from my flu jab a couple of days ago, in preparation for my UK trip)… and that Larry forgot to pack my tanto dagger for my ‘knife and rope’ segment in UV light.

It was a mistake realized way too late so J C made a suggestion on using my fingers as scissors of sorts to magically cut and restore the rope, as Larry apologized sheepishly. Looking through the strange assortment of things I had in my bag, I decided to make good use of my kungfu fan instead.

Say what? *grin*

I’ve got this oriental fan which glows a sweet hot pink under UV light, and I decided to use that in the show this evening. Everyone’s seen chinese martial art movies where fighters are sometimes scholars equipt with a fan. So, why the hell not?

So this evening, it was a funky rendition of UV Fan-and-Rope The audience loved it to bits and their "oooh" and "waaah"s could be heard in the darkness, as I performed under black light. The colors were really lovely and they just jumped out intensely.

Feeling a tad wooly-headed, it wasn’t my best performance and I was drentched in cold sweat by the time I stepped off stage. But I had Larry & J C with me, who were real sweethearts in ensuring I was all okay. I hope I get better, in time for Monday’s Prime Time Morning interview on Channel News Asia!

More info on that later…


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