‘Magic Babe’ Ning in FHM – Feb 09 issue

Check it out… Yours truly is one of the featured ladies in FHM‘s 10 HOT SINGLE WOMEN IN SINGAPORE special, found in their latest Feb09 issue, which is now out in stores islandwide *grin*

It’s a full one pager with a tongue-in-cheek Q&A bit, in our country’s best-selling lad’s magazine… which is actually 10 years old and still rocking

See J C Sum‘s blog about it for more info & lemme know what you think!



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4 responses to “‘Magic Babe’ Ning in FHM – Feb 09 issue

  1. That’s some serious boobage 😀

    Hey if I’m back for 1st March, would you like to meet up?


  2. ning

    But of course. Haven’t you heard that wise old saying? “A good push-up bra is a girl’s best friend”

    *grin* Yes, I’ll be there @ Melissa’s wedding… in fact, just met up with her for dinner a few hours ago after work =) Are you coming for my MAGIC DAY event on 28 Feb? We so need to catch up!!!

  3. chinkie

    HAWWWWWWWWT! 🙂 I’m buying the FHM Feb issue!

  4. Will

    i definitely want a poster of you for my room.. i’m such a great fan of yours.. will you sign the fhm for me if i bring it to the magic event?

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