Love, love, love…

Having not seen Ben in ages, I was looking very much forward to catching up with my good ole buddy (we became best buds in film school) since I still had to pass him his very much belated Christmas present, which I wrapped up all by myself. Good luck to him trying to wrestle all that tape from the gift wrapping *grin*

I’m really beaming with joy right now because the sweet boy’s been single for seven years until just the other day, when his dream girl finally said YES to him Woohoo!!!

Okay, this means my gift to him (the special edition of professional magician/ pick-up artist Neil Strauss’s bestselling book ‘THE GAME’) becomes completely useless, as I got it for Ben since he’s Mr Way Too Nice, but that’s a really happy problem. It’s so funny because on my personal note to him on the inside of the book, I wished that he’d find THE ONE soon. And he did!!!!

Shao Yang (a really sweet girl!) and him are such a compatible couple, I’m extremely happy for my darling friend. Just like me, Ben’s been very focused on his career and he’s done very well for himself, but our social life’s been crap. The 2 of us go way back, to about a decade, and our (totally platonic) friendship’s just one of those that will definitely last forever.

I still get tickled by the memory of my previous co-workers who would tease me back then, about Ben because we were so close. He’d pick me up on his vintage Vespa after work sometimes, we’d have dinner often and when I got dead drunk at office parties, he’d be the one to send me safely home. We were always there for each other but always completely platonic, a concept most people don’t subscribe to. LOL!

Yang’s a really sweet girl and I’ve a feeling she’s really THE ONE for him. Meeting the happy lovebirds over dinner after work really did make my day because I had a pretty glum afternoon actually, when I was informed by my housing agent that the particular studio apartment I was seriously interested in, unfortunately got snapped up. Darn! I was just a tad too late… Oh well, it just wasn’t meant to be I suppose. I’ll just continue the search this weekend.

Anyways… Ben & Yang, you guys are AWESOME together and I look forward to having dinner again once I’m back from the UK This year I’m making a more conscious effort to slowly fix my social life after the craziness from the past two years… 2009 is going to be a truly wonderful year!!!



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2 responses to “Love, love, love…

  1. Nat

    The Game’s an interesting read I must say. Luke had his hands glued to it a while back (when we just started going out) and he enjoyed reading how he was actually part of ‘The Game’ in his actions (trying to hint that he’s a natural lah!).

    I’m certain 2009 is going to be a wonder year too!

  2. ning

    Absolutely =) i can’t wait to meet you and the rest of the Queenies next week for our girls night out *grin*

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