A friend who inspires that creative side of me…

I just got home from meeting an old friend, and I feel SO inspired!!! Eldred Tjie‘s a very talented senior of mine from film school, who I’ve always respected. We unfortunately lost touch after the animation virtuoso left Singapore for the very prestigious (and reeeeeally hard to be accepted in because of their high standards) Sheridan College, but well… thank goodness for Facebook! *grin*

The gentle giant and I met up for dinner after I was done with my show at Clarke Quay this evening and the 2 of us spent many wonderful hours catching up! After graduating, Eldred left Canada and worked in Japan for years. At Polygon Pictures, he was involved in several big projects like the award-winning anime feature SKY CRAWLERS, distributed by Warner Brothers! His name’s featured in there as he was given credit accordingly… Woot!!!

Back in film and media studies, I received the best student award for animation in my module in school, but seriously, there’s absolutely NO way I would have stood a chance if Eldred was my classmate *LOL* He brings art and animation to a whole new dimension. The man is seriously talented and I am truly so very proud of him. Singapore should too!

He very generously showed me his sketchbook, which is filled with his works of art… some in progress, some completed, but all very wonderful. Mind you, this is not his portfolio, but his casual sketchbook! I felt that euphoric rush of joy running through my veins, creating that hott flush on my cheeks when I went through the stunning pages, slowly savoring each work of art like a succulent dish perfected with pride  by a master chef. Oh wow…

Above & Below, and, Crowe… they just took my breath away…

The colors and detail’s simply amazing… my camera does it no justice 😦

Duality… my personal favorite… a beautiful ying-yang theme which was very cleverly put together… the woman and the man, the dragon tattoos on his chest, their eyes, their orbs, and the western and eastern dragons.

This one’s a real stunner… just like in Hinduism, the deities have at least 4 arms and just check out the painstaking perfect detail and shading. And do you notice something else? On closer inspection, some of the ‘lines’ are actually words carefully written out, in the background!

And all the guy uses are just marker pens… Geez! There were a few pieces in his book which were inspired by people. This lady in red is one of those. She’s strikingly beautiful and there’s just something about her…

I really loved this one below as well… it’s so elfin-like! It’s actually meant to be artwork for a playing card. Work in progress, but still so beautiful because of its inevitable potential. Now if I can only convince Eldred to do something up for Magic Boutique…heh heh heh… She’s gorgeous!!!

Seriously, can you believe the incredible amount of talent this guy has? It’s pure artistic magic when his ink touches paper *grin* That’s why I felt SO breathless after meeting him for dinner this evening. Eldred’s inspired me to dig up my old animation lightbox and start working on my 2D cell-drawing again…

Hmmm… you know what… Maybe I’ll just do that



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4 responses to “A friend who inspires that creative side of me…

  1. chinkie

    WOWWW!!! Those drawings are awesome! They are really beautiful pieces of art! SG should really showcase our talents like these!!!

  2. ning

    *grin* have you even seen his animation projects yet? click on the link above!

  3. Pam

    wow… he is really, really talented! I’m impressed! :0 maybe i should get him on our show……. *lol*

  4. ning

    if you want sweetie, lemme know soon before the guy disappears… =)

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