1st Singapore Tattoo Show @ Expo

What a blast… kudos to Kirby Lian of Utopia Studios at Roxy Square 2 and his team for making this inaugural event a huge success… the first-of-its-kind convention was PACKED! There were folks from all walks of life, professional inkers from all over the world and I met and made friends there *grin*

Pam & I received complimentary tix from Kirby (thanks for being such a sweetheart and offering to do my next tattoo!) for the hugely successful event which had TONS of people come to meet and greet the very unassuming Chris Garver of Miami Ink fame! There were many people who were getting inked on the spot as well…

I met 2 gals I knew at the event – an event producer buddy who was there with a friend who booked an appointment with a foreign inker & the other lady was a lady GP doctor who came with her young niece! We spent hours there and I took a whole bunch of photos… so here goes…

Chris Garver of Miami Ink fame was so popular, he was the only dude with a Q-pole and security! Pam shared that she had a wonderful time with him and Kirby on her radio show earlier this week, because they were such nice fellas…

The man autographing posters which sold at twenty bucks per pop… I didn’t see people buy his posters but there was a long line of folks wanting to take pictures with him!

Pam points to something fitting of Magic Babe, but I already have a neck tattoo and I’m not thaaaaat much of a magic geek… heh…

Interesting figurines we spotted as we made our way around…. WICKED!!!

An ongoing tattoo judging competition for the ladies… they had to wear bareback to reveal their inked skin.

Traditional Sak Yant Thai tattoo art… the grand master with his Thai disciples above and his precious tools of the trade! And then there were other random pictures I snapped as I observed all the humming that was going around me. The buzzing needles sound like bees, so I suddenly developed a craving for honey

Don’t worry about the girl… she’s all right – she’s not concussed but just lying on her front to get her hip tattooed. What an interesting experience! Though the modern tattoo artists used pretty much the same tools of the trade, their styles and art were very different and the sweet thing is… there’s always something for everybody!

A group of Singaporeans just started our country’s very first tattoo magazine and since they were such nice guys, I supported them by buying a copy at their booth. They shared that the Government isn’t allowing them to sell it at newstands just yet due to religious reasons, but it’s great that they’re already retailing it at local parlors and via subscription as of now. I’ve yet to unwrap and read it but I already applaude their efforts

Singapore’s 1st Tattoo Show was an eye-opening experience for me, and I’m glad that judging from the extremely healthy turn-out and participation, Singapore’s definitely ready for this. The ever resourceful Kirby also managed to get the Singapore Tourism Board to put their stamp on the event, so that was mighty cool.

Pam seemed a bit overwhelmed, being the good Catholic girl that she is *grin* I seriously doubt my goody-two-shoes girlfriend’s gonna get her virgin tattoo anytime soon (say only!!!)… LOL!



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2 responses to “1st Singapore Tattoo Show @ Expo

  1. Aaron

    oh my.. i can’t believe there are such fairs around.. i know it’s an art, but i don’t really think that it’s necessary..

  2. ning

    there’s conventions for everything… time to open your eyes sweetie 😉

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