Emay & Yixiang’s wedding

I played bridesmaid again this morning, for one of my childhood friends… this meant yours truly (who is a complete night owl) had to be up by 6AM to reach the bride’s house on the other sideof our sunny island before 7 in the morning, but it was my pleasure because it’s afterall, Emay’s big day! *grin*

It was a real experience and I actually cried during the wedding (even though I willed myself not to), which was held at the Salvation Army HQ, where Emay worked. It was happy tears of joy really, since we’ve known each other since we were wee students in Methodist Girls School.

I’ve always wanted the best for her, and it makes me so glad that she’s finally married to her Mr Right, who happens to be a lawyer with a heart of gold (yes, believe it). It was great for me, touching base with Emay’s close-knit family again, as well as, some old friends… so it was all good.

It’s kinda funny, but I actually borrowed my mom’s demure silk scarf to hide my tattoo because I didn’t want to put my friend in a tight spot since some of her guests and family members may be quite traditional *wry grin* People already raised eyebrows when Uncle Simon (Emay’s dad) announced that I was "Magic Babe"!

Check out the photos… the color theme was pink/grey, so I scrambled to find a suitable dress (requested by Elaine, the bride’s fabulous sister cum effective wedding planner) at the very last minute!!!

Maggie & me at Emay’s…

The 3 of us bonded together in MGS. Mags & Emay were prefects (becuase they were the goody-two-shoes-smarty-pants-types since forever) while I was ALWAYS getting myself in trouble with my cheeky antics and bold stunts. Somethings just don’t change. LOL. Them being good Christian girls, I sometimes wonder how they put up with me being on men”s magazines. Oh well… *grin* Mag’s boyfriend is a lawyer as well, just like Emay’s man… and me? I never ever settle for "stable" *wink*

That’s Emay with the teddy bear I gave her, along with my red packet (a cute Minnie Mouse because she likes all things cutesy) and my blessings…

Enter the groom with his entourage. As customs edict, he’s got to prove himself worthy of his bride… so we made him and his band of brothers do a whole bunch of stuff to show that he deserved her hand in marriage. LOL!

Yixiang had to sing while his entourage made full use of the innovative ‘instruments’ we handed them… but that’s not all… he had one more task to do before we handed over the keys of the gate!

He had to make a "connection" to his bride and read her a little sweet something… it was professional crafted by the best materials available – plastic cups and string!

Yep, the bride approves… so it was a simple task of the groom handing over the ransome and us letting him into the house *grin* Ling shrewdly counted the moolah before giving me the nod of approval to toss them the keys…

I swear, the lucky guy was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he fumbled with the lock of the main gate… hahaha…

The happy groom finally gets to meet his awaiting bride… it was a really sweet "AWWWWWWWW" moment

The photographer for the day (a really jolly fellow!) was all over them like white on rice, then it was later our turn for group photos!

The entire bunch of us then left in separate cars (the bride and groom had a spanking rolls royce!) for the church service. I was in-charge with tying their 2 rings on the all important pillow for the ring bearer… sweet! About 250 people came for the church wedding, more were invited for the Chinese dinner, which I unfortunately couldn’t attend because of work.

The wedding march begins! And what a lovely one it was… yet again, just like Nat’s wedding, I was behind the bride… as bridesmaids we had to ensure she looked her best and man… trains on wedding gowns are rather diffficult to work with! I wonder how those people in the Victorian era survived a day without a waldrobe malfunction

We witnessed the lovely couples exchange vows, signed their precious marriage certificate, and sang happy songs of praise with the congregation of the church… as well as… a surprise love song (to each other!) *grin*

Emay & Yixiang, the best of wishes to you both. May God bless you with everlasting bliss and happiness! *hugs* Enjoy your honeymoon!!!


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  1. Aaron

    wow, you sure attend a lot of weddings.. it seems like your friends are getting married all the time! maybe you have too many friends.. :X

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