SG Tattoo Show @ Expo starts TODAY!

Yes, I blogged about it months prior… and I’m thrilled that it’s finally HERE! The Singapore Tattoo Show 2009 basically runs this entire weekend from 11am till late, at Singapore Expo Hall 6B. You can purchase passes at the door, or online. For more info on it, click here to find out more about it.

The very handsome Kirby Lian (of Utopia Studios at Roxy Square 2) has generously given me a pair of free passes to this 3 day first-of-its-kind event at Expo, which he’s organized. Sweet! Thanks again Kirby – you da man! LOL.

Chris Garver of Miami Ink fame (extreme right) will be there, along with a bunch of international star inkers! *grin* Just yesterday, he was on Pam’s radio talkshow on 938LIVE and he revealed that there’s a waiting list of 15,000 people at present. Wow. That guy will never go hungry… LOL.

Why are there 15,002 people (including Pam & myself) such fans of Chris Garver, with dreams of this guy putting his permanent mark on us? You’ll understand if you watch him do his magic on skin! If you haven’t seen Miami Ink, check out Garver’s featured work at his website at

Extracted from his website, this is one of my favorites he’s done… the tiger looks so magnificent and the colors… WOW! it’s simply breathtakingly beautiful! And the thing with tattoos, once you get your first, you just ITCH to get more And bigger, bolder ones too! Oh man…

Anyway, besides tattoos, Garver’s a very gifted painter too. He’s just so artistically gifted, it’s almost unfair *LOL* Besides horses, I really love tigers, so this one (also extracted from his website) he did in 2004 totally caught my eye…

SWEET!!! If you enlarge the view, you’d see the wonderful detail and it’s just awesome. He’s also done a huge dragon oil painting on the wall of the Shaolin Temple in New York. Garver’s experience and the fact that he’s gone traveling around the globe (he’s worked in Asia and Europe, besides the USA) just shows. It radiates!

Besides Garver, there’s also other talented artists flying in to attend the event. I’ve heard of some of them from friends who also love tattoos… so it’d be awesome to meet them in person & see their work. There’s also going to be Sak Yant masters who do traditional thai style tattooing there… so that’s gonna add some interesting dimension from the generic stereotype of tattoo artists and styles *grin*

Because tattooing is an art just like magic, there’s different distinct styles from different places. For instance, American magicians have a certain style and if you’re a Singaporean copying that without cultural adaptation accordingly, chances here, you’d fall flat here. Unless your show is a slapstick satire, people wouldn’t be able to take you seriously.

And that’s the thing with style. I’ve realised how important to have your own style, besides substance. It truly defines the artist who has the talent and uniqueness, which would outshine the competition. Take Garver for instance Oh god, I sound like such a fan girl… LOL… Well, I’ll see you guys at the Expo, for the Singapore Tattoo Show!

Ta for now, more later…


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