Mr Buttons the Love Monkey

Meet my new pet monkey, Mr Buttons! Ain’t he just the cutest monkey wonkie kuchiku… *ahem*

I got him on Tue afternoon actually, when I popped into a educational toy store after lunch in town. To cut a long story short, I promptly fell in love with him because he simply stood out from the rest.

There’s just something about his gangly limbs, long tail, adorable face… and those eyes!!!

Mr. B has many skills really. Serenading girls is one of his many talents, besides using his toes to pick his nose… Something he doesn’t do at the same time *wry grin* I’m tempted to youtube his antics. If anyone actually wants to watch him in action, that is… please holler!


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One response to “Mr Buttons the Love Monkey

  1. chinkie

    I am! he looks soooooooooooo cute! OMG! I can see how he can melt the hearts of the girls! 😉

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