Gretta Matassa & Susan Pascal perform ‘LIVE’ at Jazz@SouthBridge!

After my final performance last evening (a really good show with a fabulous international crowd!) at The Arena in Clarke Quay for Ultimate Magic, I met up with Pam and we drove to Jazz@SouthBridge for a wicked girls nite out!

Eddie, the Managing Director of the joint, was a real sweetheart & personally ushered us to the best table in the bustling jazz club! Eddie, along with the very talented Greta Matassa & Susan Pascal from Seattle, had been featured on Pam’s radio talkshow very recently & my girlfriend was simply impressed by the talented duo.

So, I honestly thought Pam was totally nuts when she told me she really wanted to catch the duo in action just before they left, despite the fact that she had to wake up at 4AM the next morning (today) for work. And everyone assumes Mediacorp DJs have it easy… tsk…

Being a jazz lover (though more the bossa nova kind) and a night bird without a bedtime curfew, it was totally okay with me… so I agreed to be wingman to this insane jazz-lovin’ kamikaze pilot who wanted to live life on the edge.

The jazz band was really awesome and the atmosphere’s simply terrific. Seriously. If you haven’t been down to Jazz@SouthBridge, you absolutely have to go there! The food, drinks and desserts are really good & the staff are friendly. Eddie, the owner of the establishment, is a musician himself… a true jazz conosueir, and that’s where it all radiates.

In short, the music was truly world-class! Greta is a fantastic jazz vocalist and Pam was totally blown away that the talented singer had memorized over 4,000 songs by heart. Yep, this is one contestant which TV gameshows like "Don’t Forget the Lyrics" do not want *LOL* I really loved Greta’s perforrming gusto & her expressiveness on stage, when singing. The woman has style.

Susan’s definitely the best jazz vibraphonist I know… in fact she was the one who taught Eddie how to play this very complex instrument over 15 years ago. According to him, Susan’s done quite a few original compositions for Hollywood movies as well. Sweet! What impresses me is that she very intensely plays the vibraphone with 4 sticks instead of the usual 2. Very very cool… what perfect co-ordination!

Ah finally, the sweet weekend’s finally here! I’ve been looking forward to this break because it’s been SO crazy at work. Check out J C’s blog for updates on Season 2 of Ultimate Magic, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show. The man’s added a ton of pictures too, besides write-ups on the thought processes we journeyed through before the finished production became a stage reality!

Ta for now, more later…


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