I so love the guy who dances badly in the new VISA ads…

I’m sure you’ve seen the TV ad above, and I thought VISA was just brilliant to do it. It never fails to make me chuckle every time I catch it & I dare say, it’s one of the more memorable credit card ads ever. I mean… in Vietnam, without a Dong?! Teeheeheehee…


The man in the video is Matt Harding, and I swear, he’s just the cutest internet celebrity ever *grin* Also known as Dancing Matt for his viral vids that show him dancing in front of landmarks and street scenes in various international locations, the crazy (like, good crazy – not bad crazy) American has since received widespread coverage of his travel exploits in major print and broadcast media outlets.

You can find him on YouTube, as well as, his own website wherethehellismatt.com *grin* Click on the link to see his homepage and blog. Meanwhile, I can’t help by feel SO inspired to travel around the world after seeing his latest video. It’s AMAZING!

Over 15 million people have watch it. Check it out…



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3 responses to “I so love the guy who dances badly in the new VISA ads…

  1. eragon

    Erm. Hmm. Brilliant viral vids i guess! Cannot stop laughing everytime i see the ad!

  2. Pam

    wow. what a brilliant idea! i wonder if he gets sponsored trips just to do this ugly dance around the world?

    but yah, it makes me want to see the world too. so much to see, so little time.. SIGH.

    is it my imagination, or is he getting skinnier with all this jiggling about? :0

  3. ning

    He does!!!! Matt gets PAID to go places to do ads like this… see his website and you’ll understand. And all for dancing the way he does… LOL!

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