Wishing all a very Happy New Year…

It’s 2009! Happy new year!!! Have you made your resolutions for the new year yet?

I was just telling Ade & J C that I so want to get my car license this year… maybe I can’t get my dream 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo just yet, but in time to come… *grin* Yes, I’ll definitely sign up once I’m back in Singapore after my UK trip for the Southern England Magic Convention, where I’ll be the FIRST Singaporean to headline!

Some of you may know this… I was actually halfway in getting my Class 2B motorcycle license when a really bad skid made me stop and think twice. You see, I’d skidded on a patch of oil which led to me being dragged down by the Honda bike I was riding, and my denim jeans were ripped to shreds. It was a very scary experience, which left me with horrible cuts and scrapes.

So yes, while I do love to live life dangerously… I realise that I’ve got so much to live for, especiaally right now. So, it’d be safety first. I don’t know anyone who bikes who hasn’t ever gotten into an accident. It’s either their fault, or someone elses. So I rather not take that risk. You can call me a wuss but a car’s the way to go *sheepish*

Oh! And I definitely want to do skydiving sometimes this year too!!! Pam’s agreed to do it with me… I hope the sweetheart knows what she’s actually getting herself into. LOL! I’ve always wanted to do it, and I was so sore when I missed it some years ago during the Singapore Skydive festival, because Aloysius thought it was suicide. He was just chicken!!!!

Anyways. My countdown for 2008/9 was especially special and very memorable… I sincerely hope everyone had a great time last night. I actually had a performance for a New Years Eve countdown party right after my Ultimate Magic shows at The Arena, in Clarke Quay. Though it was a big rush to get there due to the bad traffic on the roads, I had a fabulous time! Everyone loved my one gal stage show… Deadly, Sexy, Magic… so it was all good! Nothing makes me happier than to know I did a great job, as well as, the fact that my audience’s extremely pleased. As we were leaving the venue, we got stopped so many times by folks who’d seen me on stage and enjoyed my performance. We exchanged warm greetings & well wishes. That was really nice

A little heads up… J C & I have done something new and different to our website. Click here right now to find out more… Meanwhile, here’s a bit of a sample of our latest offerings… MAGIC FOR BUSINESS EVENTS!!!! I really love the levitating rubik’s cube *grin*




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2 responses to “Wishing all a very Happy New Year…

  1. Aaron

    happy new year!

  2. jason

    Happy New Year! You never seem to tire of work! I wanna do skydiving sometime soon too!

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