Reflections on the last day of the year…

2008 is coming to an end, with just a few short hours to go. Looking back, I am deeply reflective of how my 364 days (because  this is a leap year) had flown by. As someone wise once said… Lost time is never found again...

This year has been a bittersweet one for me. 2008 has been one of helluva ride for me, a rollercoaster ride of sorts which took unexpected twists and turns, and to simply sum it all up… the key word I’d choose would be: UNEXPECTED.

My year began with the creation of Mighty Magic Factory, and in a very short span of time, the team produced "The Magic Within" (a stage production for children, involving magic/juggling/puppets/more) which I invited hundreds of beneficiaries and their families from the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Channel News Asia even sent a news team to come down to cover the event.

J C & I then got a slew of contracts for MMF… long-term gigs for the Health Promotion Board, Stabilo, the NFEC fire safety show, etc. MMF also staged a special show for the Business Times Budding Artist Fund camp at the Arts House, to enable under-previledged kids to be exposed to various forms of variety art. That was really special…

As some of you know, earlier in the year, I ‘adopted’ a Mongolian boy via World Vision, and getting Gunbileg’s sweet letters and cute drawings always make my day. Seeing him grow through the months (so fast!!!) makes me happy too, that I’m able to help his family & community with my regular contributions.

Then there was the whole slew of media coverage, which also saw me being the cover girl for 3 popular magazines. I was on TV, on the web, on magazines, newspapers, it was actually pretty scary. I’m so glad I’ve got loved ones around me who constantly keep me grounded.

Of course, there was also the impressive list of things we did. There were many projects, some we had to unfortunately turn down because Concept:Magic could only commit on so many… I successfully attempted South East Asia’s first mega escape (The Impalement Cage) at Clarke Quay in front of over 4000 people and news cameras & that was important to me, because I’m frankly so sick of being called just a pretty face by jealous peers behind my back.


Together, J C & I presented The Impossible Journey, a world’s first mega illusion, where we both teleported 3 Central shoppers across the iconic Singapore River in just 2.5 seconds. That made the news not just here, but overseas as well. We also staged Ultimate Magic @ The Arena in Clarke Quay, our country’s first permanent illusion show spanning over 16 months, till 2010. Frankly, I never thought the day would come where someone would actually approach me to be a part of something so big! *grin*

Magic Boutique received much feedback from customers on how they loved our professionalism, what we stood for, our excellent customer service, fair prices, good promotions, and more. Personally, I’m very excited about what we’ll be doing come 2009… especially since I’ve just been asked to write in a monthly column, for a popular local magazine. Magic finally has a voice to the masses in Singapore!

Work aside, I attended many weddings of close friends who truly mean something to me. Watching them exchange vows, walking down the aisle with the love of their lives…. it made me remember that life isn’t always about work. It’s about setting aside time for the people who matter too, something I’m always trying very hard to balance out – a healthy time management. There’s always never enough time!

2008 was also a year of realizing who are the ones who truly accepted and loved me for who I am, and not what they want/ expect me to be. There was some loss, and inevitably, some sadness, but I’ve always lived by the logic that "attachment brings misery", so when it’s time to let go, you should because quite simply… things happen for a reason. The Universe/ God has a plan for you.

It was a year of people for me, really… I made wonderful friends, some who unexpectedly touched me, deeply inspiring and changing my life completely. I also had to say goodbye to some, with buddies leaving the country, people moving on, and then some… but everyone has their personal legends & journeys to do. Such is life.

More importantly, it was giving thanks to those who stuck around and showed me love though I didn’t feel very deserving or as beautiful/ wonderful like they thought of me.

Thank you so much, to the reader who reads this blog, to the loved one who’s always been there for me, to the stranger who’s yet to be a friend. May 2009 be your best year yet, despite whatever gloomy forecasts say. The future is molded by your own hands, because of your own choices. Live life passionately.

I wish you all the best in whatever you do. And remember… Never stop dreaming, because dreams can come true. And with that, let us all now welcome in the brand new year.

HAPPY 2009!!!!


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