‘Magic Babe’ Ning is TNP’s Miss January 2009!

TADAH!!!! The New Paper pays homage to WOMEN today and tomorrow, in a very special 2 part feature.

I previously mentioned about this in an earlier blog entry, and Part 1 of 2 finally came out today! Check it out above…

If you missed the hard copy (both their morning & afternoon version), you can simply check it out on TNP online

The six local women celebrities featured in TNP’s MAKING HEADLINES IN 2008/ MAKING HEADS TURN IN 2009 are:

Miss January – yours truly… ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, Singapore’s only professional female magician!

Miss Febuary – Patricia Mok, local Chinese comedienne

Miss March – Shenise Wong, Miss Singapore Universe

Miss April – Dawn Yeoh, cutesy Mediacorp actress

Miss May – BY2, girl band who made it big in Taiwan

Miss June – Fann Wong, one of Singapore’s biggest stars

Thanks so much for all your kind support and wonderful encouragement in my career. I truly appreciate it with every step I take *grin* It’s a real honor to be the very first Singaporean to headline a magic convention in the UK, come next month, which was also highlighted by the newspaper.

I’ve been really busy with all the preparations for the upcoming Southern England Magic Convention held in Surrey, England (near London) because I wish to make my country proud! *grin* For me, it’s also a thing of personal pride because as you know, magic’s ALWAYS been a male dominated industry… just like how medicine was, 15 years ago. How many women were in the profession?

Anyways, like TNP mentioned, whether it’s movies, TV or sex scandals, 2008 has been a year for female celebrities. You can read their complete, print friendly write-up here. Stay tuned tomorrow for the other 6 (foreign) women celebrities to be featured in Part 2 of this special feature!


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One response to “‘Magic Babe’ Ning is TNP’s Miss January 2009!

  1. jason

    YOU”RE A DIVA! 😛 That’s why you’re in the special two part feature! I really really think you look awesome in the photo! I wish there was a lengthier article or somethin’.

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