A silly food scare…

It was a long day at work, having corporate events to perform at even after our daily gigs at Clarke Quay for Ultimate Magic, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show. So you can imagine how famished I was when I finally got home… My family just came back from a short holiday in Malaysia (without me because yours truly had to work *pout*) and there were some snacks lying there on our big dining table.

There was already an opened pack of tidbits, so being the hungry gal that I was, I helped myself to one…

And I was quite happily munching along with a nice cuppa tea, as I was yakking away to my sisters about their trip to Sunway Lagoon with the folks, when my eyes SUDDENLY caught sight of what was listed under the foodstuff’s ingredients…

Don’t you see it? Fine, let me circle it in red for you…




I totally spat out what was in my mouth and started hyperventilating, much to my sisters’ wry amusement. Bent over as I gagged, I pointed feebly at what was printed on the back of the unassuming looking package. They didn’t quite get it until I spluttered incoherrently.


That’s when my sisters did a double take. Wide-eyed, the girls seized the package and scrutizied it as I slumped dramatically on the table, repeating the words… ‘Horse’s hoof… horse’s hoof!!!!???". I mean, what the heck?!

Seriously! Horses are beautiful and I really love them, so much so, that I actually decided that the next tattoo I’d get would probably be an ink of a running black horse on my back.


I was heaving uncontrollably on the dining table as my sisters did their CSI-thing on the Beh Teh Soh, when my little sister chimed a "Oh wait!". Raising an eyebrow as I raised my weak chin to look at her, I realized she’d broken into a huge Chesire grin as she shared her realization with the rest of us.

Because it’s a Malaysian product, the Chinese to English translation of "chestnuts" somehow for some strange God-knows-what-reason, became "horse’s hoof"

Now that totally made sense, or rather, it’s something I’d rather believe because I frankly wouldn’t be able to live with the thought that I’d just nibbled on something that contained horse.

Geez. What a stupid scare!!!! Oh man. Somebody in Malaysia needs a better translator…


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