Premiering BODY THRU STEEL at The Hall @ The Arts House…

As promised, here’s some photos from our corporate show last evening after Ultimate Magic. J C & I performed for a packed crowd comprising of Singaporeans and Japanese business people and their families. It was their company’s annual DND and the client specifically told their events co-ordinator that they wanted us for the night!

In J C’s blog, he mentioned our latest illusion… and we premiered it at this particular event. Complete with my Japanese sais, silk gloves and cat mask, it was certainly something very sexxxxy *wink* See the pictures below…

Yours truly, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, and J C Sum presenting Body Thru Steel…

The illusion is custom-built to fit my petite size, and is in pretty hot pink, black and white!

Yours truly passes my entire body through the previously examined solid steel plate!

Us having fun on stage during the strap-up for my Straightjacket Striptease act…

Groovy, baby….

The crowd went wild when I finally took it off… heh…

Tadah… another great show *grin* We went back tired but happy. On our way out, the clients actually shook our hand and gave their thanks, which really meant a lot to me. Nothing makes me happier to know that they truly enjoyed themselves Oh yeahhhh…


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