Another major ouchie…

Quite recently, David Copperfield made the news again when someone from his team got into a serious mishap with his stage illusion similar to our REVO-LLUSION giant fan illusion. J C actually blogged about it here and I found it so completely ironical that I had a bad fall during showtime today.

That’s the horrible palm-sized swell, which is going to take some time to heal *sigh* It was excruciatingly painful but the show had to go on. There I was, lying on my side backstage in cold-sweat when the curtain closed, with Matthew & Larry looking on at me in concern but unable to touch me because it was near my butt!

Injuries are inevitable despite the appropriate precautions we take some times, but it’s just one of those things I guess. The picture above actually makes it look a lot less nasty, but even so, I feel sad that it’d be a long time before I can wear short skirts, daisy duds or a nice bikini out again. Oh bum-mer!

Anyways, we did a special customised stage show for a big group of Japanese businessmen this evening after our Ultimate Magic shows at the Arena in Clarke Quay. More on that tomorrow… it was held at The Hall @ The Arts House and we got some really lovely photos *grin*

Ta for now, more later…


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