FHM photoshoot for Valentines Day

SURPRISE!!!! Okay, so there was absolutely no mention about it until now but what’s there to complain about since there’s pictures up. There were so many to choose from, but I can only put up the uhm… relatively tamer ones, sorry… hahahahahaha…

Oh right. I just realized that I didn’t tell my folks about this (Dad, if you’re reading this now… uhm, I actually really wanted to but then you guys all went away on holiday and I was so busy with work, it slipped my mind… really) Ahem!

This is for FHM‘s Feb 09 issue, which as you know, comes out in the mid of Jan 09. So watch out for it in just a couple of weeks. I’m so gonna grab a few copies before I fly up to the UK for work just before the eve of Chinese New Year.

The photos turned out really good and everyone was happy. It’s quite incredible because in less than 15 minutes, the stylist, photographer and art director got what they needed from me & shared that they loved working with me cos I’m such a natural. Well, I love working with them too – they’re such professionals! *grin*

Here are some of the photos from the FHM shoot this morning…

So yeah…. That’s yours truly in my favorite jacket, which cost S$900 from DKNY. The black lacy bra they put me in was actually 2 cups too small, so I felt like I was practically spilling out… which is actually what they wanted, I suppose *wry grin*

Check out J C’s blog for more pics and stuff. Yes, Mr Manager was there for the photoshoot too at the Mediacorp publishing studio, before we zipped off for our performances in town & boy, did he have a lot to say…


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