3/5 Queenies tonite…

I love my girlfriends… the Queenies are just THE best, so we just HAD to meet up on the eve of Spanky’s well-deserved euro trip. My darling will be gone for weeks and I will certainly miss my spunky friend who’s simply  larger than life.

Poor Zann’s unfortunately out of action because of a badly twisted ankle during a recent trekking session & Mabes’s busy having intensive church choir practice with X’mas coming up, so it was just yours truly with Spanky and my dear N1… aka Nats!

J C & I had an event for HP (which was really wicked… the crowd was massive & really good one, who absolutely loved us and I totally enjoyed myself on stage) so it was a mad rush to meet the girls after changing out of my Magic Babe costume & zipping off to crowded Orchard Road!

Spanky &  Nats were already at Balcony @ Heeren, which we’d never go ever again because of the management’s dumb rules and substandard service. It’s so foolish that the staff didn’t entertain a simple request of a hot water refill for tea. We then asked them for a cup of hot water and promptly dumped it into the tea cup. Sigh!

Seriously. Don’t these F&B establishments realise that once a customer has an unhappy encounter they’d never want to go back because there’s just tons of other places to spend money at? It’s just hot water, dammit! *wry grin* Unfortunate cognitive dissonance which could have been easily circumvented!!!

That aside, the 3 of us girls still managed to have a great time out. Tonight was honestly a very meaningful night for me, with our friendship taking deeper roots and firmer bonds. I’m really blessed to have such wonderful girlfriends and people who just love me for me.

We took a ton of pictures on Nat’s new digital camera, since her previous one died on her second honeymoon trip with Luke in Europe. LOL. Europe… Spanky’s flying off to the UK tomorrow and I’ll be heading up there in a couple of weeks for work. What a big coincidence! *grin* Anyways, here’s some photos from tonight!

Ning, Spanky, Nats… Happy threesome fun!

Queenies united… beautiful customised braclets Spanky made for all of us…

Up close and personal, these pretty babies are even more dazzling…


An exchange of presents and then, last but not least… there’s a mystery package for the Queenies all sealed up in pretty pink velvet wrapper…

SWEET!!!!!!!!!! I so love my girlfriend…

Queenies foreva


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