Joyce & Dominic’s special day…

Tadah… the gorgeous newly-weds, Joyce Leong & Dominic Ng… I mean, Mr & Mrs Ng!

We’ve been friends for about a decade… and they’ve been together for almost that much. Yesterday, I was honored to be there at their church wedding at St Mary’s of the Angels. Because of work, I unfortunately couldn’t be down for their wedding dinner in town as well, but I made sure I gave my friends a big angpow!

I was initially asked to be the emcee as well, but because of my commitment to Ultimate Magic (which plays twice every night, except on Sundays), I was just unable to help out. It’s actually moments like this that I sure wish I could clone myself and be at 2 places at the same time!

It was a real struggle for me to wake up early in the morning and get there (all the other way, across Singapore!) to reach the church on time but it was all worth it. The 3 of us met at film school and I swear, they’re one of the very few couples I know  who’ve been together for AGES! In my humble opinion, they are perfect for each other.

The bride was beautiful of course, and the groom never looked more handsome. They make a stunning pair seriously and I’m just so happy for Joyce & Dom!!! They’ll be honeymooning at some super exotic romantic honeymooners island, far far away from Singapore. Nice!

I certainly wish them everlasting bliss and happiness!!!!



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2 responses to “Joyce & Dominic’s special day…

  1. Aaron

    hey, your friends are getting married, so when’s your turn? have you even thought of the future yet? don’t concentrate too much on your work too!

  2. Joyce

    Ahoy!!! Ok im back to daily life… whahaha… 🙂 yes. we have been together for eons..and eons more to GO!!!!! *grin*

    neway.. the island is not far far away.. this here @

    wahahahah 🙂 its a beautiful guys should bring the entire company for retreat there!!! its really a nice island concept!!!!

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