Deadly Sexy Magic @ Orchard Hotel

4 groups of companies combined together this evening for their joint annual Dinner & Dance event at the Orchard Hotel in town. It was a crazy rush for us because it’s Friday night and packing down after our 2 shows at The Arena in Clarke Quay for Singapore’s first permanent illusion show, Ultimate Magic, J C & I had to meet some fans after the show for photos.

Bad boy illusion designer, Mark Parker, from the UK came by to watch us in action. ‘Smartly’ dressed, my favorite English lad with the bad attitude came with his date and I just HAD to make his life miserable by hulling him up stage for an interactive peice during Ultimate Magic *grin*

Mark was so poorly dressed, I wrily asked him what’s up really… with white men and their shoddy dressing. The man actually came to Clarke Quay in ratty slippers and shorts! *guffaw* He’s a great sport anyway, and I look forward to see him a couple of weeks when I fly up to UK.

Performing my one gal show on stage this evening, I was glad that Deadly Sexy Magic was such a  huge hit… despite the crappy sound system. Coincidentally, Larry has a show booking this evening too, for a whole bunch of Japanese business people. What a great experience!

We all met up after and had a late dinner/ supper in town before heading home past midnight… tired, but, happy!


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4 responses to “Deadly Sexy Magic @ Orchard Hotel

  1. Supreme Magus

    Dear Ning

    Met both you and JC at People’s Park Complex (Chinatown) this afternoon during lunchtime. I was going up the escalator while I saw both you coming down. Was wanting to say hello to you both but don’t have the chance as the place was too crowded. Anyway, both of you look gorgeous together! You guys look very compatible and a great couple and team!

  2. Aaron

    slippers and shorts? that’s really rare.. i haven’t seen any european in slippers and shorts before ne..

  3. Its very hot for us “white” men so shorts is all you get like it or lump it & plus its only the Arena club…I was sweating like a *@!!@t in a court house.

    Ning may you trip up soon your neon rope…you will suffer when you come to the UK…be worried…see you both at the airport in Jan. I’ll be the one holding the sign up saying Magic ‘Bitch’ Ning & also wearing shorts of course..

    Merry Xmas and New Year…Mark ‘white man’ Parker

    Aaron your not funny get some banter

  4. ning

    I’d love to see you in shorts when you pick us up at the airport, especially since it’s be zero or minus in the UK when we meet! *wicked grin* See ya then 😉

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