Congrats to Benson Foo, winner of Magic Boutique’s S$800.00 magic hamper!

Applause please! *grin* This handsome young man is the very lucky winner of the recent Magic Boutique November lucky draw, where we openly asked for everyone to just write in and share with us, the following:

1. Your reason on why you like Magic Boutique

2.  How Magic Boutique can improve 

3. Your favourite blog entry from Ning’s Magic Diaries and why it is your favourite!

This is our way of finding out how we can make happier customers, as well as, a fun way of understanding y’all better …And what more than to dish out rewards along the way… hahaha, yes, we are really generous folks indeed!

Mr Benson Foo (from Singapore), has won himself a brand new PREMIUM magic hamper worth OVER S$800.00 which consists of a Happy Birthday Vest With DVD by Lee Alex (worth S$696.00) & Weather Or Not by Devin Knight (worth S$112.02)!

Thanks so much for participating in this no strings attached event. In case you’re unaware, Magic Boutique is currently having a very special promotion for the month of December, which sees us giving away a FREE magic DVD with every S$80 spent! If you spent $160, that gives you TWO free DVDs, and so on…

Jump on the bandwagon now and don’t miss out on this absolutely wonderful offer. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for an amazing year. Magic Boutique looks forward to your continued support Remember, when you support us, you support anti-piracy too!

Click below for full details on our current December promotion:

Celebrate This Xmas with Magic Boutique’s DVD Giveaways!



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3 responses to “Congrats to Benson Foo, winner of Magic Boutique’s S$800.00 magic hamper!

  1. mickey

    wow! what a lucky guy! I bought some things but did not win 😛 But, end of this month I will be getting some items so will hope to get a dvd 🙂

  2. ning

    Hey mickey 🙂

    If you spent $80, you’ll definitely get a free DVD from us – so there’s no need to hope – it’d be a concrete reality! It’s a gift from us at Magic Boutique to say THANKS to wonderful folks like you. Thank you so much for your support!


  3. Jack

    sighz, not me again. but at least i know i’ve got a sure win chance to get a dvd. 😀 i hope i get the dvd i want! 😀

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