Beautiful Paris…

Life is just so unpredictable and I was just reminiscing to Pam (who besides thinking I’m morbid, that I’m also the ‘strangest creature’ she knows) on how some people just don’t grow old, though we all think we will.

Does that make sense to you? Anyway. The events that unraveled the past couple of days have certainly made me toss out that assumption about life, completely out of the window. We should totally live life to be max – but still stay responsible & vigilant!

Susan, a friend of mine, is a Singaporean currently doing her studies in Paris. It came as a surprise to me since she doesn’t even speak French. She’s in fact learning the language over there as we speak! Talk about spontaneous…

Su’s always been one very plucky girl and my eyebrows rose when during an online catch-up session (the last we talked was ages ago, when she was still the editor of a business magazine) she shared that she’s now in France doing her Masters & her husband Luqman is in Singapore. Whoa!

I always wondered how long distance relationships work because if it were me, I’d most probably… no, definitely… bust my credit card on long phone bills and frequent air flights to be close to my significant other. But Su has always been one of those tough cookies who knows what she wants, so there.

Casually looking through the photos she pointed out to me on her blog and Facebook page, I realise how beautiful Paris really is! Gosh. I so wanna go there, sometime soon *grin* Check out Su’s blog Une Singapourienne dans Paris!

Le Musee du Louvre

Les Catacombs

Le Chateau de Fontainebleau

Basilique du Sacre Coeur

Paris is just so beautiful… I LOVE FRANCE!!!! I can’t wait to just go there for a well-deserved holiday and soak in everything there is to it. Sweet!



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3 responses to “Beautiful Paris…

  1. Aaron

    wow, what beautiful pictures.. the sunrise or sunset can be seen in many places though. i bet there’s somewhere in Singapore where we can find such a view.

  2. William

    ooh, i’ve been there before! it’s really beautiful, and the people are wonderful (although i don’t get what they’re saying). the pastry is a must try! you haven’t been to france if you haven’t tried the pastry.

  3. Jack

    oh come on, what’s pastry as compared to singapore food? i’d prefer curry, roti prata, laksa or char kway teow anytime rather than pastry! singapore food’s the best!

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