2 degrees of separation

My thoughts are still with the late Lo Hwei Yan, the first Singaporean to have been killed in a terrorist attack. It was just yesterday that I was musing how even more wretched I’d felt if I knew her personally, when I just realised, she’s really just 2 years older than me and we actually went to the same school.

She was from Methodist Girls School too.

According to J C, Hwei Yan was also at the very same Mumbai hotel that the 2 of us were at last year for a corporate gig that had a very prominent steel organisation in India fly us up. How totally uncanny is that. It was one of the best hotels in the area, and you’d think would be the safest.


Singapore is a very small place and we’re all connected to each other in a way. Just look at Facebook. It just alarms me sometimes how there’s really just a separation of two degrees sometimes. As her junior, I could have just been behind her in the tuckshop queue during recess.

Reports in the news share that her body will fly back on Sunday. I honestly cannot imagine the despair her husband must feel when he had to identify her body, which was found on the 19th floor of the hotel. The couple just watched Kylie in concert in Singapore just before she flew off for work.

How would he have known? I do not know him personally, but from my hearts of hearts, I truly wish him courage and strength during this horribly painful period, because it must hurt so terribly, to lose the one and only woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. They just got married in Bali last year 😦

Let’s spare a thought for the one who got left behind… *hugs*



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5 responses to “2 degrees of separation

  1. hunwei

    I pray that the family and love ones will have the strength to carry on. It is a tragedy indeed.

  2. nyta

    Everytime something like this happens, i look around myself and think… Thank goodness my friends and family are safe around me. I wouldn’t know what i would do if this happens to me.

    Things like these should never have happened. Friends and family should never have to grieve like this. My thoughts are with her loved ones too…

  3. Tanat

    Yeah, this is truly saddening. Hwei Yen was attending a seminar at the hotel and she was not spared by the heartless terrorists. A nice and sweet lady like her truly did not deserve such a horrible fate. No wonder you put a lot of empahsis on her demise… didnt know u two were from same school. Goes to show that we cannot be too complacent in regards to what is happening around us. My prayers go out to her family, as well as to you.

    P.S. I may be going to watch Ultimate Magic sometime this week

  4. William

    it is indeed very sad. i could have even met this lady before somewhere. i hate terrorists.

  5. Jack

    it is sad, yes, but we gotta get on with our life. the aim of the terrorists are to get us down with this, and we can’t let them win. we’ll show them the strength of our bonds and love.

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