Lo Hwei Yen, RIP.

My deepest condolences to family of Lo Hwei Yen. I do not know her, but she’ll always be remembered by Singaporeans. This innocent 28 year old had everything going for her – a great career, a loving partner, and so much to look ahead to in life… but she died tragically today.

The terrorists didn’t have to kill her. The bastards. She was an innocent. Who unfortunately, was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She didn’t expect this to happen, no one did. I read that just a while ago, she was also at the Esplanade watching Avenue Q. Sigh.

I’ve been keeping watch on the news and the radio, because of all the insane things happening in Thailand & India when the tragic report from CNA came in.

A sense of loss creeped into me. I didn’t know her but she could have been a friend. She is someone’s sister. And she was also loved by not just her husband, but by many other people. My heart truly goes out to her loved ones and family.

There’s in fact, an ongoing Facebook group In Memoriam: Ms. Lo Hwei Yen which you can join, that was setup by Singaporeans to remember her loss and share her family’s grief. It’s an online initiative by strangers brought together by a shared belief and kinship.

We’re Singaporeans, we”re family …and Hwei Yen, you’ll never be forgotten.



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2 responses to “Lo Hwei Yen, RIP.

  1. nyta

    This is very tragic indeed. I was very shaken to hear of the news. A young lady with all her life in front of her, now lost.

    These people who do these horrible acts need to reflect on what their stupid thinking and ideologies have done to hurt the innocent..

  2. Aaron

    it is really sad even to know that someone in such close proximity is gone, let alone her kins and friends. i really feel for her husband.. these terrorists really don’t understand love.

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